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Record all your snowboarding escapades in HD with the Liquid Images Impact HD
Ever wanted to relive all your snowboarding or skiing moments on HD video in Doom-style (first person view)? Thanks to the power of technology, you now can! And no, you don’t have to strap an expensive HD camera to your ski hat or chest to do it. Liquid Impact has come up with a solution to your problem. Called the Impact HD, these rugged yet stylish goggles pack an HD […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops breaks $1 billion sales mark
Video games look set to break new ground in terms of revenue, what with Call of Duty: Black Ops from Activision breaking the $1 billion sales mark in just a month since its launch. In fact, more than half that figure was achieved during its first five days of release, the game already game sold more than $650 million worldwide, which places it ahead of theatrical box office, book and […]

Sim City Population Clocked At Six Million
Think you’re the best at Sim City? YouTube user Thelmperar claims to have maxed out Sim City 3000 with his creation of Magnasanti. You can check out the video after the jump, but if you want a few stats, it’s worth noting that Magnasanti has zero abandoned buildings, 100% of all zoned structures are historical, zero water pollution and congestion, no crime, and a population of 6,005,407. Do you think […]

Samsung And Swype Set Record For Fastest Text Message
It looks like Samsung’s move to invest in Swype has paid some dividends, as a recent video has surfaced showing a user setting a new Guinness World Record for the fastest text message on a touchscreen phone using Swype on the Windows Mobile 6.5 powered Samsung Omnia II. In case you’re unfamiliar with it, Swype allows you to swipe your finger over the letters that you need to type without […]


Wireless data transfer record smashed
Siemens now holds the world record of having the fastest wireless data transfer after breaking their previous efforts, hitting a whopping 500 Mbps using white LED light. Researchers at Siemens relied on 500 light intensity fluctuations per second that are readable by a photodetector receiver, and is well capable of transmitting data over longer distances at a rate of 100 Mbps. Known as Visible Light Communication, this type of data […]

Evolta Robot live @ Le Mans: 24hrs on two AA batteries
Challenge: can Evolta run for 24hours on only two AA batteries?Our buddies from Giiks had the opportunity to take a closer look to the Evolta Robot that we mentioned back on July 27th. On the photo, Tomotaka Takahashi* himself (the inventor) is holding the robot that is powered by two Panasonic AA batteries. At the Le Mans race track, Takahashi-san will try to establish a new record: to roll for […]