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RED EPIC-M camera checks in at the FCC, gets torn apart
Anyone who knows a little bit about cameras as well as those in the high end segment would most probably have heard of the name RED before, and it has nothing to do with the movie that Bruce Willis recently starred in late last year. No sir, RED is a brand name that is associated with top notch equipment, and needless to say, they are out of range for the […]

HTC Incredible S seen in red
Remember the HTC Incredible S that we saw launched yesterday? Well, that came only in black, but here we have a Danish website that points towards a red HTC Incredible S, without having to go through the process of Colorware. Apart from the color change, everything else inside remains the same including its dual LED flashes behind and front facing camera on the opposite side. It has been said that […]

BlackBerry Bold 9780 now caught in a shade of red
The BlackBerry Bold 9780 will not only look like a standard, boring business-issue smartphone, as a red colored model has been spotted recently in a video, touting the 9780’s RAM usage in the process. While there was no branding on the model in the video, it could very well be a pre-release handset after seeing access to engineering screens. The great guessing game of carrier availability goes on until something […]

RED displays working Scarlet camera
RED has paraded a working version of its long-expected and delayed Scarlet camera, where a movie on their official forum will display the nature of its fast autofocus function thanks to an 85mm Canon lens in Single Shot AF mode. While we know the Scarlet camera is now up and working, it is still not ready to be released to the masses, but it is nice to see that the […]


RED Station modular reader coming our way
The RED Station is a special modular storage reader that will cater for its range of high end cameras, where you get a core base station which will supply enough juice for other stacked readers that will handle multiple card formats. For example, the CF reader will handle the most common removable storage media on RED’s cameras, while the MAG 2.5 loads in notebook-sized hard drives and SSDs. Either way, […]