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RIM BlackBerry slider coming soon
There is no confirmation of a new BlackBerry slider smartphone from RIM, but such a handset has a very high chance of being introduced in due time. Apparently, it will be a portrait-oriented slider that will run on the BlackBerry 6.0 operating system, boasting support for Wi-Fi 802.11n connectivity. Strangely enough, the resolution remains in the dark ages at 360 × 480 pixels. No idea on whether this is a […]

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 spotted
Looks like RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry Pearl 9100 has already been spotted despite not being released officially just yet, with whispers that it will be available from T-Mobile in the US or Wind in Canada. We do know that the Pearl 9100 will support WCDMA bands I, IV and VIII – which translates to 2100MHz, 1700MHz (AWS) and 900MHz. Having said that, a logical conclusion would point towards T-Mobile and Wind […]

BlackBerry Tour trackball defect
The BlackBerry Tour is not exactly the hottest selling product on the market right now, but that’s a good thing since Research in Motion will have enough time to do something about the physical design defect of a trackball that gets clogged up all too easily, requiring users to clean it on a frequent basis to keep it going. The Tour has so far experienced up to a 50% return […]