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League Of Legends Will Deny Toxic Players Access To Features
If you have ever played online games, you will meet all sorts of players. There will be players who are extremely helpful and will be more than glad to help you along your way, and there will be players who will berate you everytime you make a mistake, or will troll you in annoying ways so that your experience will be a horrible one.Now in Riot Games’ League of Legends, […]

Riot Starts Testing Their Reduced Lag League Of Legends Network
As skillful as you might be at a game, lag will negate that because if the server registers the other player’s move before you do, you will come out on the losing end even though you think you might have clicked first. This is a problem that League of Legends players were facing and dealing with, and something that Riot had announced early this year that they were looking to […]

League Of Legends To Get Its Own Network To Combat Lag
We’re sure all gamers have encountered lag at some point in time. This can come either during regular gameplay, or at the most inopportune moment, like when you’re about to secure the win or you’re in the middle of a raid. While many things can contribute to lag, Riot Games is hoping to do their best to remove some of the variables.The developer has recently announced that they are planning […]

Riot Games Looking To Reboot League Of Legends' Lore
There are games when the story and the lore is integral to the gameplay. World of Warcraft is a great example and anyone who has ever played the game will know that quests, instances, and raids are all tied into the story of the universe. For some players this is extremely important especially of the role-playing servers.However there are some games where the lore is a nice touch, although the […]