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New Tesla Roadster Will Be Bigger And Faster
The Roadster was one of the first all-electric cars that Tesla came out with and it really put the company on the map. Tesla hasn’t come out with the next-generation Roadster yet but it does appear to have plans for one. According to a new report, the new Tesla Roadster is likely to arrive in 2019 and that when it does arrive, it’s going to be different, faster and bigger […]

Tesla CEO: New Upgrade To Offer Close To 400 Mile Range On A Single Battery
Purchasing a car is more often than not the second biggest purchase that one can buy right after a home – and hence, it would take plenty of research to look into just how reliable a particular ride can be in the long run, the availability of spare parts and the ilk. Having said that, how about checking out an electric car for the year ahead? Tesla is a pioneer […]