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Royole FlexPhone Looks Like Gumby's Long Lost Cousin
[CES 2017] Remember the stop-motion animated series Gumby? Well, the Royole FlexPhone is certainly a device that might bring back memories of Gumby. After all, we are clearly on the warpath when it comes to smartphones with an even greater degree of performance and capabilities. The LG V20 comes with dual displays, while the Galaxy S7 edge sports dual curved edge displays, and throwing in a pair of cameras into […]

Royole Smart Cycling Backpack
[CES 2017] Cyclists often find it rather dangerous each time they hit the road, no thanks to other road users in cars, buses, and lorries who aren’t civic minded enough to share the road. This is where bicycle lanes come in handy, but just in case you live in an area where there are no gazetted bike lanes, what do you do? Obviously not rush out and purchase a car, […]