Samsung is a South-Korean conglomerate which counts many subsidiaries like Samsung Electronics, which you probably know very well, but also Samsung Heavy Industries which builds ships, or Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Securities and many more. Samsung is responsible for an amazing 20% of South Korea’s exports. In the consumer electronics world, Samsung has gone from being a company with a reputation for cheap products to becoming one of the most respected companies in the world.

T-Mobile Launches New Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime And Galaxy Core Prime Handsets
If you happen to be in the market for new handsets to keep in touch with others because your old one is no longer functional, perhaps T-Mobile might have something – nay, two things, up their sleeves which would be of interest to you. First of all, there is the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, followed by the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. Make no mistake about it – both of these […]

Galaxy Note 5 Case Renders Point To Curved Back
You know for sure that a particular handset is about to hit the market real soon when you have images and renders of it start to flood the news wires, and with something as “hot” as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, there sure as heck is no doubt as to the “pedigree” of the device. August is upon us real soon, and that should be the month where this flagship […]

OnePlus 2 Camera Samples Compared By The Company’s CEO Himself
The OnePlus 2 will be launched on the 27th of July and it seems that they are so sure of themselves that they have billed the phone as being the flagship killer for 2016. Yes, you read that right, they believe it is good enough to take on the likes of 2015 and 2016’s flagship smartphones.That being said, the company’s CEO Pete Lau had recently uploaded photos belonging to the […]

Major Tech Companies Support Samsung In Court Case Against Apple
Despite not having heard about the legal case surrounding Apple and Samsung recently, it should be noted that the case is far from over. While the court might have reduced the amount Samsung owes Apple, Samsung is still fighting the good fight and are looking to get the court’s decision reversed completely.However it seems that now they’re not alone. According to a report from Inside Sources, it has been revealed […]


Samsung Galaxy Young 3 About To Be Birthed
I suppose it does not need to take too much imagination to think of a new handset name when you have already got a series going on, like the Samsung Galaxy Young. In the previous year’s summer, we did hear about the Samsung Galaxy Young 2 being introduced as it sported the kind of hardware specifications that were rather surprising – and not in a good way, since it came […]

Samsung Patent Could Put Touch Controls On The Back Of Smartphones
One of the nifty features of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and the Galaxy S6 Edge is that it allows for users to interact with the device in a different way by touching the edges of the phone. This allows for new menus, new controls, and new ways for information to be displayed, but it looks like Samsung could be thinking of expanding the ways we touch our phone.According to […]

Incipio’s offGRID Brings MicroSD Card Support To The Galaxy S6
The Samsung Galaxy S6 sports a brand new design that relies on more premium materials such as metal and glass. However these changes weren’t welcome by everyone as it basically removed the ability for users to expand their storage by inserting microSD memory cards into the phone.However the good news is that if you wanted microSD card support for your Galaxy S6, Incipio is here to the rescue. The accessory […]

Buy A 4K Samsung TV, Get A Free Galaxy S6
For the most of us, our funds are limited meaning that it isn’t always possible to buy both a TV and a smartphone. It’s usually one or the other, or buy one first and get the other later. Now if you’re torn between getting yourself a new TV or a new smartphone, Samsung might be able to solve that problem for you.The South Korean tech giant has recently announced a […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Officially Announced
Are you in the market for a new tablet? If you are, you might be interested to learn that Samsung has two new tablets for you in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. The Galaxy Tab S2 is a single brand but under the brand, Samsung will be offering it up in two different sizes – an 8-inch model and a 9.7-inch model, depending on your preference.However apart […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Might Feature An Auto-Eject Stylus
To date all the Samsung Galaxy Note models come with a stylus that can be removed manually. It’s not a big deal and it’s not particularly inconvenient either. However it seems that thanks to new renders of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5, it seems that there is a possibility we could be treated to some kind of auto-eject feature for the stylus.The renders come courtesy of case manufacturer Ringke. […]

Special Hearthstone Rewards Announced For Samsung Galaxy S6 Owners
In a move that will probably not sit well with smartphone owners of other brands and platforms, Blizzard has announced a special reward for Samsung Galaxy S6 owners. According to a post on the Hearthstone Facebook page, it seems that if you were to install the game on a Galaxy S6 smartphone (or any one of its variants like the Galaxy S6 Edge), you will be able to claim a […]

Future Apple & Samsung Phones May Drop Physical SIM Cards
For the most part when you sign with a carrier, you will be given a SIM card to insert into your phone. Basically this allows you to use your phone on the carrier’s network. However it seems that according to a report from the Financial Times (subscription required; via Cult of Android), future Apple and Samsung devices could bid goodbye to SIM cards.The report claims that both companies are in […]

Samsung Pay Trial Launched In South Korea
Samsung’s new payment service was unveiled back at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona this March but since then the company has been fine tuning this service and hasn’t actually launched it yet. The first markets for this service include South Korea and the United States, Samsung announced today that ahead of the impending launch it has started the Samsung Pay trial service in South Korea.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Case Renderings Hints At The Phone’s Design
If the rumors are to be believed, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is expected to be launched on the 12th of August. However as to what the phone looks like, we have only see early CAD renderings in the past, but thanks to the folks at PhoneArena, we might actually be looking at the final product.According to PhoneArena, they claim to have gotten images of the Galaxy Note 5. Now […]

ZEISS VR One Headset Will Support The Galaxy S6
Back in 2014, Carl Zeiss announced that they would be entering the virtual reality market with the launch of the ZEISS VR One headset. Basically the headset functions similarly to the Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard where the headset acts more as a holder for your smartphone, with your smartphone and an accompanying app giving you the VR experience.That being said, the company has recently announced that they will […]

Samsung Gear A Specifications Leaked
Many expected that Samsung would unveil a new smartwatch at the Mobile World Congress 2015 back in March but it didn’t, later the company said that since it’s working on developing the perfect smartwatch it’s going to need some time. It’s now expected that Samsung’s next wearable device will debut next month alongside the Galaxy Note 5. Today specifications of the Gear A smartwatch have been leaked online.

Samsung Launches New 4K SUHD TV
Following the launch of its flagship SUHD TV line in the United States, Samsung today announced the launch of a new SUHD TV in the country. The JS7000 SUHD TV features high quality picture enhancements with brighter and more “true-to-life” picture at a much more competitive price, so says Samsung. The company says that it’s bringing 4K SUHD TV to the masses with this particular model.

Samsung Galaxy A8 Announced
For the past few months we had been hearing that Samsung is working on a new device that’s going to be an addition to its Galaxy A lineup. Multiple photos and even a video have since leaked of the Galaxy A8 but now there’s no need to rely upon unofficial sources. Samsung has finally announced Galaxy A8 officially and the handset really does come with everything that we had been […]

Dashlane Password Manager Now Supports Samsung’s Fingerprint Scanning
Recently Samsung has been adding fingerprint security features to its flagship smartphones. This has opened up a lot of possibilities in terms of security, which is something that password manager Dashlane will be taking advantage of. The company has recently announced that they will be integrating Samsung’s fingerprint scanning system with their Android app.According to Dashlane, “With biometric authentication for Dashlane, all you need to do is touch to verify […]

Galaxy Note 5 Launch Tipped For August 12th
Many of us had been waiting for the IFA convention in September because that’s where Samsung traditionally releases new Galaxy Note handsets, but this time around the company appears to be shifting gears for the Galaxy Note 5. It has already been reported multiple times that it’s pushing the launch to August presumably to compensate for lacklustre Galaxy S6 sales and to fend off competition from the new iPhones. Multiple sources […]