Samsung is a South-Korean conglomerate which counts many subsidiaries like Samsung Electronics, which you probably know very well, but also Samsung Heavy Industries which builds ships, or Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Securities and many more. Samsung is responsible for an amazing 20% of South Korea’s exports. In the consumer electronics world, Samsung has gone from being a company with a reputation for cheap products to becoming one of the most respected companies in the world.

Analyst Predicts Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Sport A 5.5-inch UHD Display
As it stands the majority of flagship smartphones come with a QHD display as it has more or less become the standard these days. However we know that UHD is a possibility, thanks to the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium (even though it isn’t always a 4K display), which is why it wouldn’t surprise us to see next year’s smartphones start to adopt higher resolution displays.

Samsung Fixes Security Flaw That Enabled Security Bypass
Samsung today revealed the details of its latest security patch which has been rolled out immediately for most of its flagship smartphones. The latest security patch includes all of the fixes in Google’s June security patch for Android, aside from Samsung-specific fixes that have been baked in by the company itself. One such fix is for a security flaw that enabled thieves to bypass security on the device.

Tesla May Source Batteries From Samsung
Tesla is in the business of making electric cars which means it needs batteries, lots of them. The company has set up a giant factory for producing batteries but it also sources them from other companies. A new report out of Korea suggests that Tesla might source batteries from Samsung SDI, the battery division of the Korean conglomerate best known for smartphones and home appliances.

Bloomberg: Samsung’s Bendable/Foldable Phones Set For 2017
Does Samsung have the technology to make displays that are bendable/foldable? Yes they do and they have shown this technology off before. To a certain extent, a variant of it has already debuted in devices like the Galaxy Edge series of handsets, but a report from Bloomberg seems to confirm that phone with truly bendable displays are set for a 2017 launch.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Launched Officially By AT&T
The Galaxy S7 Active has just been officially announced by AT&T. We all knew that this smartphone was coming so the announcement comes as anything but a surprise. The Galaxy S7 Active is exactly what we expected it to be, a rugged and more durable variant of the amazing Galaxy S7. Much of the specs remains the same, and there’s always the fact that Active handsets are released exclusively on AT&T.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pre-Orders Open
Two of Samsung’s highly anticipated fitness tracking wearable devices were announced just last week. The Gear Fit 2 and Gear Icon X are now official, and they will soon be available for purchase in the United States. You may have to wait for the latter a bit but you can place a pre-order for the Gear Fit 2 starting today. Pre-orders can be placed through Samsung’s online store.

Alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Renders Leaked
Given the naming schemes we’ve had so far, it is easy to assume that this year’s Galaxy Note handset is the Galaxy Note 6, but rumors have suggested that Samsung could skip the 6 and jump straight to the Galaxy Note 7 (although we can’t be sure why). That being said, thanks to leaked photos and video courtesy of @OnLeaks and uSwitch, we have an idea of what to expect.

Gear Fit2 Review: Hands-On
With Gear Fit2, Samsung is releasing a follow-up product that largely improves upon its predecessor and aims to compete fiercely with high profile products from Microsoft and Fitbit. The Gear Fit2 refines the user experience with a much better design, thanks to a lighter weight, and more comfortable wear. The large display is very readable and shows information in a way that feels natural to look at. For a device […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Launch Expected By Early August
These days we are hearing all sorts of reports and rumors about the Galaxy Note 6, that’s because it’s the only Samsung flagship left for 2016. Samsung is yet to confirm when the handset is going to be launched, but word on the street is that the launch is going to take place “almost exactly” two months from now, which means the Galaxy Note 6 is likely to be unveiled […]

Samsung Gear IconX Wireless Smart Earbuds
The rumor mill was very active the past few days, around Samsung’s new wearable devices, that includes the long awaited Gear Fit 2 that features a curved Super AMOLED display. Following the trend in wearable, Samsung is launching the Gear IconX, smart tiny wireless earbuds, a type of device that may bring more value to the fitness enthusiasts than a display-less connected band.The Gear IconX provides all the useful data […]

Samsung Gear Fit2 Fitness Band with GPS
It is great to see Samsung coming up with a new model of the Gear Fit, one of the most advanced fitness band at the time of its launch at MWC 2014 in Barcelona. The key feature of the Gear Fit was its gorgeous curved display, that made the device a hybrid between a smart band and a smartwatch.Just like its predecessor, the Gear Fit2 runs Samsung’s own Tizen OS, […]

Verizon Releases Marshmallow For Galaxy Tab S2
One of the best Samsung tablets money can buy is receiving a new software update on Verizon today. The country’s biggest mobile carrier has finally released Marshmallow for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. It was only yesterday that Verizon started sending out a similar Marshmallow update for the Galaxy S5, and this is the first Samsung tablet in its lineup that’s getting the Marshmallow update.

Samsung Trademarks Moniker For Iris Scanning Technology In The U.S.
It has been rumored multiple times over the past couple of years that Samsung is going to introduce a flagship smartphone that features iris scanning technology. We’ve been hearing similar rumors this year as the company’s next Galaxy Note flagship is expected to finally bring this technology to the mainstream. Samsung has started filing trademark applications for the monikers “Galaxy Iris” and “Galaxy Eyeprint,” hinting that it really does intend […]

Samsung Schedules Event For June 2 In New York
There have been rumors that Samsung could be planning an earlier-than-expected launch of the Galaxy Note 6 (or Note 7 if the rumors are to be believed). There have also been a plethora of leaks regarding Samsung’s upcoming wearable in the Gear Fit 2, so the question is when can we expect to hear the official word?