Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300: mobile and fast

“Scanner”, “multi-page”, “fast” and “mobile” usually don’t go together, but the freshly launched Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 manages to offer all of that. It can scan up to 10 pages via the document feeder, at the maximum speed of 8 pages per minute in double-sided mode (Color 150 dpi, Grayscale 300 dpi in “normal mode”). It comes with drivers and software for Mac and PC. While we’re not familiar with the […]

Kyocera TASKalfa 552ci is one fast scanner

Do you work in an environment where you will need to make plenty of scanning each day? If the answer is in the affirmative, then might we suggest you check out the Kyocera TASKalfa 552ci? This new color multifunction device is capable of scanning up to 100 images per minute, while boasting a print and copy speed of 55 A4 pages per minute (ppm) in mono and 50 ppm in […]

Doxie scanner makes archiving a snap

[CES 2010] Just before you think that scanners cannot get any more interesting, along comes the Doxie that will be revealed to the masses at ShowStoppers this coming Thursday. What makes Doxie so different from the rest? Well, this scanner is able to scan straight to the cloud, digitizing paper and photos to frequently used web apps including Google Docs, Evernote, Scribd, Backpack, and Flickr. Apart from that, it […]

Scanner concept uses OLED

Ashish Chaudhary’s conceptual design of a pocket size scanner points toward a trio of segments, comprising of the display itself, a power unit and storage. The display screen is broken down into three layers of a roll out scanning bed, where the upper and bottom layers are OLED displays for illumination purposes while the central layer functions with capacitive and photo sensors that will perform data capture.


SkyPix Handheld Scanner

Are you the type who loves cutting out snippets of news from the papers or interesting articles from magazines? Why not take the more convenient route by digitizing that experience with the SkyPix Handheld Scanner? Capable of capturing full color 600 dpi resolution images onto a microSD memory card immediately, it helps save you the inconvenience of transferring data via a USB port. What are some of the uses you […]

LEGO book scanner

LEGO must be one of the most versatile toys that we’ve seen to date, with many an enterprising mind (and deft hands) have come up with a variety of creations based on these building blocks. The latest among them would be the LEGO book scanner, where it is able to scan an entire book automatically as long as you place the tome of your choice on a LEGO balance with […]

DIY Book Scanner

Daniel Reetz has dreamed of a book scanner which is capable of crunching textbooks, turning them into digital files which can be read later over a computer. This dream has gone on for two years, and Daniel decided to take things into his own hands by working on his own book scanner which took three days or so to complete at a cost of approximately $300. The DIY Book Scanner […]

Book scanner hits 1000fps rate

Check out the use of high speed computer vision processing technology in the area of book scanning, where the built-in camera sensor will run at 1000fps, capturing pages as they turn while making a record of text and images regardless of distortion and lighting differences. The system will definitely be advantageous in speeding up the digitization process of low-cost e-books and other library data. This book scanner is made possible […]

Epson V500 scanner unveiled

Epson has released its latest scanner, the V500 that targets small offices and home-based businesses. The Epson V500 will come with a 30-page automatic document feeder that is able to scan up to 3 pages per minute, where the ReadyScan LED technology is touted to do away with annoying warm-up time when starting a scan or switching between reflective and film scanning. Maximum resolution supported by the Epson V500 is […]

ezRead Scanner

Forget about those magnifying glasses that your grandad used to own when he tried to check out the morning news – keep up with the times by using the new ezRead scanner. This device hooks up to your TV set, displaying the text scanned in magnified magnificence, making it a snap to read, although page turning might require more effort on your part. Guess the TV has just found another […]

NeatDesk Automatic Document Feeder Scanner

Cleanliness is next to godliness, so if you want a little bit of divine power, why not get your desk at the office sorted out with the NeatDesk Automatic Document Feeder scanner? This scanner will help free up space in your filing cabinet so that other more important items can be placed within instead, although it will need a fair bit of discipline to scan each and every relevant document […]

VuPoint FC-C520-VP Slide & Film Scanner

Do you have an impressive collection of old films taken with your archaic cameras that are sitting there, while the only camera shop in town has long stopped developing negatives? Enter the VuPoint FC-C520–VP Slide & Film Scanner to save the day – it is equipped with a 5-megapixel sensor and a 2.4″ preview display that lets you see what you’re about to scan, while the 32MB internal memory can […]

WorldCard Ultra Business Card Scanner

Folks who travel a lot and conduct tons of businesses will find the WorldCard Ultra Business Card Scanner to come in handy – after all, this palm-sized device is powered by an integrated USB cable, making it a snap to kick off your socks after a long day at a particular conference, inserting card after card from the day’s contacts while letting the WorldCard software do the dirty job. It […]