inFAMOUS Second Son PS4 Patch Arrives April 17th

Much progress have been made concerning the inFAMOUS Second Son patch on PS4, so much so that this particular patch is widely tipped to be published on April 17th (which is tomorrow) over on the PSN (PlayStation Network). Many people have already voiced their grouses about the game, and the team has taken those complaints into consideration, allowing the player to disable the HUD, in addition to giving you the […]

Second Son Update To Deliver Change Time of Day, HUD Off, 30FPS Option

It has been 10 days since Second Son was launched, and the game has definitely captured the imagination of the masses since its release. The folks behind the game are definitely thrilled by the enthusiasm on display by those who have already given the game a go, but inFAMOUS has also lent their ears to complaints as well as brickbats. It does not matter whether the size of the complaint […]