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HTC Sense 3.0 (unofficially) arrives on the Desire HD
It looks like what HTC said about Sense 3.0 not being able to work on their older Android phones isn’t true after all – it’s either a ploy by HTC to get you to buy their newer phones, or the company just doesn’t want to bother developing Sense for their older models anymore. Well the folks over at XDA-developers managed to get their hands on the HTC Sensation/Pyramid ROM dump […]

HTC Pyramid to be renamed HTC Sensation
Apparently the folks over at Pocket-lint received some exclusive information concerning the upcoming superphone from HTC – the HTC Pyramid. According to their sources, the HTC Pyramid will be renamed to the HTC Sensation when it arrives in the UK in the coming months. No other details have been confirmed, other than that it will arrive in the UK and its name change, but from previous leaks the phone will […]