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SNK’s Latest Neo Geo Console Is An Arcade Stick With A Built-In Console
If you’re looking to relive some arcade classics, then you’re in luck because the folks at SNK have announced their latest console in the form of the Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro. As you can see from the image above, this is a fight stick and if you’re wondering where’s the console, it’s actually built into the fight stick itself.

Neo Geo Mini Christmas Limited Edition Announced
Earlier this year, SNK officially announced the Neo Geo Mini. For those unfamiliar, the Neo Geo Mini is basically a miniaturized version of the Neo Geo MVS arcade machine that was extremely popular back in the day. The launch of Mini also follows in the footsteps of Nintendo who in the past couple of years have successfully relaunched its older consoles in a similar fashion.

Neo Geo Mini Already Sold Out In Japan
SNK has been teasing the Neo Geo Mini over the past month or so and eventually revealed more information about the system. It confirmed that the system would be released on July 24th in Japan for 11,500 yen which is about the same price as the SNES Classic Mini. It has been available for pre-order and has already sold out in Japan.