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First Trailer Of Snowden Biopic Released
Edward Snowden became a global icon when he walked out of the National Security Agency with a treasure trove of top secret documents which revealed the scope of the agency’s electronic spying operations. It has been over two years since he revealed the secret spying programs and now we’re seeing the first trailer for the movie Hollywood has made to forever immortalize his story on film. The first trailer of […]

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Gets Edward Snowden Role In New Movie
The boyish looking Joseph Gordon-Levitt is said to take on the role of Edward Snowden in an upcoming movie, according to the folks over at Reuters. As for the person who will direct this upcoming movie, you can expect the class and style of three-time Oscar winner Oliver Stone to ooze from it, as the movie enters production in Munich, Germany, early next January. Oliver Stone is also the one […]