Sony Corporation is the electronics business unit and the parent company of the Sony Group, which is engaged in business through its four operating segments – Electronics, Motion pictures, Music and Financial Services. These make Sony one of the most comprehensive entertainment companies in the world. Sony’s principal business operations include Sony Corporation, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Mobile Communications, and Sony Financial. Sony is among the Worldwide Top 20 Semiconductor Sales Leaders and third-largest television manufacturer in the world, after Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics. Via Freebase

Sony Might Bring PlayStation VR To PC
Unlike some of the other virtual reality headsets, Sony’s PlayStation VR only works with the company’s current-generation gaming console right now but that might change in the future. A company executive at hinted at the possibility of Sony bringing PlayStation VR to the PC. Sony is aware that there’s potential in opening up the virtual reality headset to one of the most widely used gaming platforms but it’s not committing to […]

Sony Xperia Z5 Users Not Happy With Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update
If you happen to be a Sony Xperia Z5 owner, then chances are you would have been pleased as punch to hear that the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for the handset has been released. However, it looks like not all is well with that particular version of the update, as Sony’s online support page did document horror stories from those who have taken the plunge, only to have their handsets […]

Sony R&D Labs Reportedly Working With PlayStation 4K Prototypes
There has been much talk recently concerning mid-generation upgrade for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Nothing has been officially confirmed by the companies behind these consoles yet. A few days ago it was rumored that Sony has plans to develop a “PlayStation 4.5” which will feature upgraded internals that would make it capable of handling 4K gaming. A new rumor suggests that Sony’s research and development labs are now playing […]

Sony To Make PlayStation Games For Mobile Devices
Not long after it became apparent that Nintendo has a hit on its hands with its new mobile game, Sony has announced that it has created a new business unit that’s going to bring PlayStation games and IP to mobile devices, smartphones and tablets powered by iOS and Android. The new unit is called Forward Works and Atsushi Morita, Sony Computer Entertainment’s head in Asia and Japan will lead Forward […]


Amazon Will Offer More Pre-Order Stock Of PlayStation VR Launch Bundle Today
The PlayStation VR appears to be off to a good start as Amazon has already sold out of all pre-order inventory. It didn’t take long for the entire pre-order stock to sell out on Amazon U.S. and you might be feeling left out if you didn’t get the chance to get your order in. Worry not, though, as Amazon has confirmed that it’s going to offer more pre-order stock of […]

Rocket League Developer Has 'Figured Out' Xbox One/PS4 Cross-Play
About a week ago Microsoft announced that it will allow players on Xbox Live to play online against users on different platforms like PC and PlayStation provided that developers and platform owners like Sony supported the cross-network play feature. It announced that Rocket League would be the first game to take advantage of this new feature, enabling players on Xbox One and PC to play online against each other. Many […]

Sony Will Accept Pre-Orders For PlayStation VR Only
Sony’s PlayStation VR headset can now be pre-ordered. The virtual reality headset costs $399 but Sony said that it would only be taking pre-orders for the PlayStation VR bundle that costs $499 and features the headset, Move controllers and PlayStation Camera. Some customers were understandably not happy with this and they’ll be glad to know that Sony is going to take pre-orders for the PSVR headset only.

Sony’s PlayStation VR Headset Bundle Costs Half A Grand
When it was announced a few days back that the PlayStation VR from Sony would cost $399 a pop, it certainly set about some reactions from the industry. For instance, Oculus VR founder thought that the asking price was ‘totally fair’, and Sony also claimed that they are not losing money over the PlayStation VR by selling it at that price point. Well, it seems that the PlayStation VR headset […]

Sony 'PlayStation 4.5' In The Works (Report)
‘Birds of a feather flock together’ and ‘Great minds think alike’ are two idioms that come to mind when we hear of a report that claims Sony is working on a ‘PlayStation 4.5’, which would pretty much be in line with what its rival on the game console stage, Microsoft, would do concerning a mid-generation upgrade for their Xbox One. According to Kotaku, Sony has plans to develop a ‘PlayStation […]

Sony Will Reject PlayStation VR Games That Run Below 60fps
When it comes to playing games on your monitor or your TV, having it run at 60fps or higher would be ideal as it does allow for a smoother experience. However having it run below 60fps isn’t exactly a deal breaker. In fact some gamers might not even be able to tell the difference, but when it comes to virtual reality, it’s a whole different story.

Sony Says They Aren’t Losing Money On The PlayStation VR
The other day the Sony PlayStation VR finally had its official price and release date revealed. The headset will be priced at $400, a good $200 cheaper than the Oculus Rift, and half the price of the HTC Vive. From what it sounds like, it seems like Sony has managed to undercut both Oculus and HTC, but at what cost?

Sony Responds To Microsoft's Cross-Network Gaming Invitation
A few days back Microsoft announced that it will allow Xbox players to play online against players on PC and PlayStation 4. It has announced support for cross-network play but that will only be possible if game developers and platform owners like Sony come on board. Sony has now responded to Microsoft’s invitation for cross-network online gaming.

Oculus VR Founder Thinks PlayStation VR’s Price Is ‘Totally Fair’
Yesterday Sony officially confirmed the launch date and price of the PlayStation VR. It has been set for an October, 2016 launch and will be priced at $400, significantly cheaper than the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive virtual reality headsets. No doubt Sony is undercutting both companies, but as it turns out Oculus VR’s founder Palmer Luckey has no qualms about it.

PlayStation Video App Now On Android
It looks like Sony has done its bit to ensure that its video delivery network is extended to cater for its range of Android-powered smartphones as well as tablets through the official launch of the new PlayStation Video app that one can find in the Google Play Store.