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Speculation: Will The Apple-Rovi Deal Give Us An Apple-branded TV In The Future?
It has been reported that Apple and Rovi have signed a multi-year agreement, and as such, speculation is going around that Apple might be interested in Rovi’s interactive television program guides as part of an initiative into live TV and DVR capabilities, even going as far to speculate the possibility of a Apple Television product in the next 2-4 years. That being said, it’s worth mentioning that Apple is already […]

What will Nintendo and Sony offer at this year's E3?
E3 used to be the mecca of video game events, but the grandoiseness of it all proved to be its ultimate demise, and the show has since toned down a whole lot from its crisis a few years back. Well, at this year’s E3, it doesn’t have to be any less exciting despite having less pizzazz in terms of “flashy” presentations. After all, news concerning the video game world in […]