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Run Concept Offers Innovative Training System
Running has more or less been a solitary affair, where you basically compete against yourself, although doing so in a community or with a bunch of friends can more often than not make the entire experience all the more fun. After all, we are social creatures, so this is to be expected. The concept of Run is an interesting one, where it will allow runners to compete with anyone anywhere, […]

Sony Smart Tennis Sensor Availability Expands
It was some time close to the end of last month that Sony introduced their brand new Smart Tennis Sensor, and we are pleased to take note that its availability has been further elaborated upon earlier today. HEAD will join up with current partners YONEX, Wilson and Prince when it comes to working with the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor, delivering interactive tennis play as well as analysis to additional players […]

Smart Football Gets Tracked
It does look as though everything around us is getting smarter and smarter, so to speak. Heck, we were even treated to what is known as the smart chopsticks from the folks over at Baidu which are supposedly able to keep track of whether the food you are about to consume is spoilt or not. Well, how about the world of sports? With the high stakes involved and multi-million dollar […]