Japan’s Softbank reportedly looking to purchase majority stake in Sprint for $12.8 billion

Earlier today we reported on the rumors that Sprint might be holding off on countering T-Mobile’s offer for MetroPCS, and now it seems that according to a report from Reuters, Sprint may very well be bought out themselves, or at least the majority stake. According to one of Reuters’ source, Japan’s third-largest mobile carrier, Softbank, is looking to acquire the majority stake in Sprint in a deal that is purportedly […]

Sprint reportedly holding off on MetroPCS counter-offer for now

Last week we reported that Sprint was looking to get in on the MetroPCS deal and could be looking to outbid T-Mobile. Those were rumors with nothing official having been announced, although thanks to a fresh set of rumors, it seems that Sprint might be holding off on countering T-Mobile’s offer on MetroPCS at least for the time-being. According to reports, Sprint reportedly met up with T-Mobile’s parent company, Deutsche […]

Sprint announces the LG Mach handset with QWERTY keyboard

If you were given the choice, would you prefer a smartphone with a physical QWERTY keyboard, or would you prefer one that came with a full touchscreen instead? Well if you have chosen the former, it seems that Sprint might be your carrier of choice as the company has recently announced the LG Mach. The phone will be released this fall and is expected to be compatible with the carrier’s […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 from Sprint announced

If you are a Sprint subscriber who has been waiting far too long for the carrier to offer the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, we are harbingers of good news – all of your waiting are about to pay off dividends, as the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 will soon arrive on Sprint, taking advantage of the Sprint 4G LTE network. We have taken a look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab […]


Ditch your random phone number for a easy to remember **HANDLE

Sprint may be solidly in 3rd place in the US carrier market, and they may be totally down in the Pacific Northwest currently, but they certainly have some of the most innovative cell phone services. They were the first to offer full integration for Google Voice, and now they’re offering a way to ditch the phone number almost completely. The service, called StarStarMe, allows Sprint subscribers to be contacted through […]

It’s not just you: Sprint cell phone service is down in Washington and Oregon

When cell phone service goes down, the whole world goes haywire. Today, Sprint’s often-spotty service went totally down in the Pacific Northwest, and as a result Sprint subscribers in Portland and Seattle can’t make calls. That’s not all, though. Alaska Airlines is also reporting that the outage also affects thier internal systems, so they can’t check passengers in. They’ve had to delay flights. Sprint’s official word is that it’s a […]

Sprint reportedly looking to outbid T-Mobile on MetroPCS deal

The other day we reported that the executive boards of both T-Mobile and MetroPCS have approved the merger of the two companies. Prior to that, it was rumored that T-Mobile was not the only interested party and that Sprint and Dish Network were reportedly interested in MetroPCS as well. Given Sprint’s rather vocal stance on the whole T-Mobile and AT&T merger, to a certain extent we guess we’re not surprised […]

LG Optimus G headed for AT&T and Sprint with different cameras

All right, we did take a look at the LG Optimus G sometime at the end of last month, and we do know that the smartphone itself is not too far away from a US release sometime later this November, which is a month after the handset rolls out in Japan. While pricing details are unavailable, at least we have more concrete information on just which carrier in the US […]

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM leaked

If you happen to be a proud owner of the Samsung Galaxy S3 while rocking to Sprint’s network, then here is news for you – it seems that the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM for this particular smartphone has leaked, so it might not be too long of a wait after that for the real deal to arrive. The latest Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean ROM for Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S3 […]

T-Mobile, Sprint and Dish Network reportedly interested in acquiring MetroPCS [Rumor]

It was just last year when AT&T tried to buyout T-Mobile unsuccessfully, but now it looks like T-Mobile could be making the headlines again, although this time as the buyer, not the seller. If the rumors are to be believed, it has been reported (via Bloomberg) that T-Mobile could be interested in acquiring MetroPCS. Granted it’s not one of the major four but we guess they are doing something right […]

Sprint to offer Samsung Galaxy S3 for $50 on contract during Black Friday?

Planning on picking up the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone but thought its price on contract was still a bit too steep for your liking? Granted it is a lot cheaper compared to buying it unlocked, but we’re sure that there are some out there who just do not have the money to spare. Well the good news is that thanks to a leaked flyer courtesy of the folks at Engadget, […]

Sprint hits 1 million 4G LTE devices sold

While Sprint might be late to the 4G LTE game (not that bad given that T-Mobile hasn’t rolled out their 4G LTE network yet), they have certainly wasted no time and in a recent report, the carrier has boasted that they have since managed to sell a total of 1 million 4G LTE devices. This was announced by Sprint’s CEO, Dan Hesse, who was speaking at a Goldman Sachs Communicopia […]

Sprint to no longer offer the iPhone 4 starting from the 21st of September?

When Apple introduced the iPhone 5, they also revealed that the iPhone 3GS would be discontinued and the iPhone 4 8GB would replace it as the “free” version on contract. Unfortunately they also stated that only select carriers would be offering it and it turns out that Sprint might not be one of them. The folk at 9to5 Mac have managed to get their hands on what appears to be […]

Samsung Array announced, comes with full QWERTY keyboard

While most of the world have accepted the fact that a full touchscreen display user interface has no need for a physical alphanumeric keypad, there are still some others holding out for what they feel is a faster and more convenient way of typing out that length email or text message. After all, they were weaned from your regular, physical QWERTY keyboard in older handsets, so why not carry this […]