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Star Trek Online now free to play
Last November we gave you the date to when Star Trek Online would finally become free to play, and it looks like Cryptic Studios has kept its word. Today a press release was issued, announcing that Star Trek Online Free-to-Play is now live. Users who have always wanted to try the game but never gave it a shot because of its price – now’s your chance.

Crocheted Spock Ears
Here is a little break from all the CES madness, and something that Star Trek fans should fall in love with while the general populace look on in amusement. After all, it is still pretty cold for those of us living in the northern hemisphere, and instead of wearing beanies that cover your ears to prevent them from freezing, you might want to check out the Crocheted Spock Ears from […]

Star Trek Enterprise now feeds your baby
If you’ve got a child who’s not old enough to feed him/herself, you probably know how tiring it is trying to get them to finish their food. Well the folks over at have come up with a new way of making meals more interesting for children: by disguising the spoon as a very cool looking spaceship. And of course we’re talking about the iconic Enterprise NCC-1701 from the original […]

Klingon LED coffee table for Star Trek fans
Good news Star Trek fans! If you’ve always wanted to own a piece of furniture from the Star Trek universe, you may be in luck as this Klingon-inspired coffee table is up for order, assuming of course your wife/family is cool with having it smack right middle of your living room.


Star Trek theme park runs on clean energy
The nouveau riche in oil rich states in the Gulf is certainly no stranger to excessiveness – and King Abdullah of Jordan, a huge fan of Star Trek, has decided that he will proceed with a Star Trek-inspired theme park which will cost a whopping $1.5 billion to construct – right in the middle of the desert, but one good thing about this particular theme park is its recurring green […]

Netflix to offer the original Star Trek series for streaming
Netflix has just finalized a 2-year non-exclusive deal with CBS television to bring a large selection of CBS shows over to Netflix users. This means that Trekkies who are subscribed to Netflix can satisfy their cravings for the original Star Trek series any time they want, with Netflix’s on-demand video streaming service. In addition to Star Trek, users will be able to watch hit series like Frasier, Cheers and The […]

Star Trek Inspired LCARS Touchscreen Interface Device For The Kitchen
If you can’t get Star Trek out of your head, you’ll probably be drooling over this kitchen touchscreen computer that sports a LCARS interface, bringing all those nostalgic feelings into the kitchen. The device features a calendar, train scheduler, weather mapper and you can use it to easily manage your shopping lists, not to mention browsing the Internet and downloading torrents. You can check out a video of it in […]

Rare Nokia Star Trek Communicator stays as a prototype
Trekkies would definitely love to have a Communicator in their hands, living out the intergalactic lifestyle. Well, Nokia did come up with a Nokia Star Trek Communicator some time ago, but too bad for the masses, this has remained a prototype with no plans of pushing it to the final frontier of being an actual consumer device. Also known as the “Starfleet Communicator” by certain quarters, there are only 14 […]

Star Trek USS Galileo Shuttle simulator on auction
Are you a geek to the max? If so, then you might want to check just how much money you have left in your bank account in order to place an order for the auction of a Star Trek USS Galileo Shuttle simulator from a school in Utah. The entire thing comes with stations, networking, speakers and a main viewscreen to rock your socks off. With a $1,000 reserve price, […]

Ameralis Grafx Tricorder PMP-09
Ameralis Grafx has released their Tricorder PMP-09 which is one decent replica of the Star Trek tricorder, although this one boasts the ability to function as your very own portable media player. It comes with a 2.8″ TFT color display, accompanied by 8GB of internal memory, a battery that plays up to 4 hours of video non-stop or 12-hours of audio before requiring a quick trip to the nearest power […]

Star Trek Voices For Garmin Maps
Trekkies who can’t get enough of the new movie and want to travel the galaxy (but strangely enough, can’t even get round the neighborhood without getting lost when one forgets to bring around the GPS) might want to check out the availability of Star Trek voices being played back on the Garmin StreetPilot or Garmin Nuvi. This isn’t really new or anything, but it does set a gentle reminder for […]