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Samsung Nexus Prime might not be the only stock Ice Cream Sandwich phone launched this year
According to @Black_Man_X, a tipster who’s well-known for his accurate predictions, Samsung might not be the only company to release a stock Android phone this year. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Google uses “Nexus” to describe its flagship Android phones that carry the pure Android experience. No added bloatware or manufacturer/carrier customizations – just plain Android. So far there have been two Nexus phones – the Nexus […]

Stock Android Gingerbread ROM appears for Droid
If you happen to own the original Motorola Droid and have yet to make an upgrade of your smartphone, you would be mighty pleased to know that there is a stock Android 2.3 Gingerbread ROM available from Peter Alfonso (also known as Bugless Beast). While there are tons of ROMs having rolled out that claim to be Gingerbread, most of them are just Froyo with a Gingerbread launcher as well […]

Groupon valued at $15 billion
When Facebook was valued at $50 billion, many folks were left screaming “what?” Now it seems that we might be in for another round of such statements as the latest reports value Groupon around $15 billion or more, which is more than double the $6 billion that Google was rumored to be offering the company a few months back. Apparently the company is seriously discussing the possibility of going public […]