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Aston Martin’s Limited Edition Hypercar 'Vulcan' Finally Out Of Wraps 
As hyper as you can think a car to be and as limited as just 24 units, we are looking at Aston Martin “Vulcan”. This latest super exclusive and track-only supercar comes with a heavy price tag and its engine is mighty powerful.The Vulcan will cost whopping $2.3 million and it is being promoted as “Hypercar” — given its engine specifications the name is apt. It has been crafted in […]

World's First 3D Printed Supercar With A Roaring 700 HP Bi-fuel Engine
Supercars and 3D printing looks like match made to make the future of automobiles much more pleasing. Divergent Microfactories’ Blade — a new concept has gone a tad too far by combining 3D printing with a roaring 700 HP bi-fuel engine. Although, this is not the first time that such concept has surfaced, last year Local Motors came out with totally 3D printed Strati. The distinguishing factor between Strati and […]

Felino cB7 Supercar Is A Sight To Behold
Have plenty of money but do not quite know just where and how you are going to spend it? Flashy cars might be a good idea to splash your hard earned money, and there are so many different brands that one can choose from. Here is a relative newcomer to the scene – Felino Corp.’s cB7 which will feature a powerful 6.2-liter V8 underneath the hood, where it comes with […]