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Tesla Free Supercharging May Return To Improve Sales
Free Supercharging was a valuable perk that Tesla offered its customers for quite a long time. Model S and Model X owners could use the company’s Supercharger network to charge up their cars for free. It was later extended to the Model 3 as well. The company decided to end the perk last year but according to a new report, it’s bringing free Supercharging back with a caveat.

Tesla Supercharger Map Updated With Planned 2018-2019 Locations
Tesla CEO Elon Musk had recently promised that the company would update its map of planned Supercharger locations to identify the locations where new Supercharger stations will be installed during the 2018-2019 expansion of the network. The map has now been duly updated to highlight these locations which are spread throughout North America, China, and Europe. Tesla currently has more than 1,260 Supercharger stations across the globe with more than […]