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Tencent Could Start Making Games With Nintendo Characters
We have seen Tencent making a lot of games (especially for the mobile platform). You must be aware of games like PUBG.Now, it looks like it might be making plans to target the US audience with some games involving Nintendo characters for consoles.This is not an official announcement – however, the Wall Street Journal reports otherwise.As per the report, Tencent might be looking to leverage its partnership with Japan’s Nintendo […]

Acer Aspire Switch Tablets Could Be In The Pipeline
Taiwanese computer manufacturer Acer has dabbled in the world of tablets before, although their offerings are not exactly what one would lump under as the “must have” gadget for the holidays. In short, Acer offers functional tablets, but unfortunately for them, none of their offerings so far have managed to light up our imagination. Still, there is a viable market for their products, otherwise there would not be rumors of […]

Acer Aspire Switch 10 Is In The Pipeline
A 2-in-1 computer might sound like a real technological achievement, but it is nothing new these days, considering how many companies have started to roll out multi-mode machines. Take Lenovo’s Yoga range for instance, where these are able to function as a standard laptop, fold it all the way to the back to be a tablet, or leave it standing in a tent mode. Acer wants in on the multiple-in-one […]