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Time Warner subscribers report Xbox Live connectivity issues
It seems that over the weekend, subscribers of Time Warner’s ISP service have been faced with Xbox Live connectivity issues, where some gamers claim that the outage is already in its second day, leaving them with a Xbox Live-less weekend. Come to think of it, that is not an entirely bad thing at all, considering how one could have spent that time connecting with people in the real world, you […]

Time Warner Cable users experience outage
Most of us with a decent Internet connection these days might have gotten far too comfortable in our respective comfort zones – that an outage, even a short one, might actually irk us to no end. Well, I guess the same applies to a bunch of Time Warner Cable’s Internet customers around the country earlier this morning when a brief outage happened. According to Time Warner Cable, “We appear to […]

Time Warner Cable iPad app reduced by 17 channels
Remember the Time Warner Cable iPad app we mentioned yesterday? Well, we have got some bad news for you. Time Warner has announced that they have removed 17 channels from the app – due to an overwhelming demand that caused problems with the authentication systems. It was either a case of underestimated demand or poor coding – either way, Time Warner wasn’t prepared for the sudden influx of users and […]

Time Warner Considering Longer Delay For Netflix, Redbox?
Changes aren’t always good for the consumer as word is going around that Time Warner is considering a policy change that could mean longer delays for content to be brought to rental services such as Netflix and Redbox. While the current 28-day window has clearly been successful, the current deals with partners are set to expire sometime in 2011, which means that the company might want to extend the delay […]


Cablevision, Comcast And Time Warner Agree To Free Wi-Fi Roaming
Good news for folks who are living in the New York metropolitan area, as Cablevision, Comcast and Time Warner have agreed to let customers roam across Wi-Fi networks owned by each other at no additional charge. Currently the deal is limited to the New York metropolitan area, which extends from Jersey Shore to the Hamptons. Under the new deal, you’ll be able to use your own provider’s sign-on process to […]