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Laptops that make use of cameras to track eye movements instead of a trackpad
Navigating without a mouse on a laptop usually means using a cumbersome trackpad to control where your cursor appears. It looks like those days will soon be behind us. With the innovation of touchscreens in laptops, we might not have to use the trackpad anymore. Even more so recently, at CeBIT 2011, Tobii and Lenovo recently unveiled a prototype laptop that makes use of eye-tracking cameras for users to control […]

Tobii S32 recorded speech device
The Tobii S32 recorded speech device is a unique gadget that enables one to communicate using pre-recorded messages which can be activated at the touch of a finger. Apart from pre-recorded messages, it also handles sounds or IR-signals simply by touching a sheet of printed symbols, pictures, or scenes. These messages can be recorded straight onto the Tobii S32 or through the Tobii SymbolMate software, where the latter allows a […]

Tobii Eye-tracking Glasses
Are you performing market research and want to know what folks are looking at all day? If you’re able to convince them to wear the Tobii Glasses, you’ll be in a pretty good position to find out. These glasses offer the eye-tracking feature, thanks to a VGA camera at the front, and a hip-mounted unit with SDHC storage, allowing it to store the necessary data. There are IR emitters that […]