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Synaptics unveils Fuse, the future of touch user interface
Synaptics, which defines itself as a human interface company, has just unveiled a forward-looking concept device aimed at showing that the full potential of touch devices has yet to be achieved. Despite being widely successful over the past few years, touch user interfaces (UI) still need improvements in areas like one-handed usage or tactile feedback. Not being able to “feel” the touch screen means that you need to look at […]

N3L Optics stores go high-tech
I was shopping for a new pair of sunglasses and I’ve been told that some N3L stores (an Oakley spin-off) had gone high-tech with large touch displays and more, so I went to check one out (Hillsdale Mall, San Mateo CA). There were three things that you usually don’t find in optics store: a large touch display to browse products, an messaging station to send a photo of you with the […]

LED touch-sensitive coffee table
Thanks to an array of infra-red proximity sensors, this table can “sense” when objects are on (or near) it and light itself accordingly. It works better with transparent plates or glasses and probably looks better with cocktails, so here’s your excuse for not drinking water with your friends on Friday night. You can turn the LEDs off and use it as a normal table as well. It costs $1500 to […]

iPod Touch down to $199
The latest iPod touch line-up is now better (cheaper!) than ever with a starting price point of just $199, where users will not only get a brilliant iPod in their hands but the functionality of a pocket computer and “above” average handheld “console” (according to Apple) of sorts that is able to access the vaunted App Store with more than 75,000 applications to choose from. The iPod Touch still offers […]


Synaptics ClearPad 3000 takes multi-touch to new heights
Synaptics has just introduced its ClearPad 3000 Series capacitive touch pad sensor solution. The technology is inherently thinner than resistive-based sensors that have to use more layers. Most importantly, capacitive sensors require less pressure to use, which makes the overall user experience better. ClearPad 3000 becomes the high-end solution from Synaptics, but more affordable solutions still exist with the 2000 and 1000 Series. The ClearPad 3000 is capable of sensing […]