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Apple And U2 Working On a 'Secret Project'
At the iPhone event on September 9th Apple called out iconic rock band U2 for a performance. Once the band performed its new song it was announced that U2’s new album Songs of Innocence will be sent out for free to over 500 million iTunes users. But it appears that Apple and U2’s collaboration hasn’t ended. A new report from TIME suggests that the pair are working on a “secret […]

Apple Provides Tool To Delete The New U2 Album
Rock band U2 performed at Apple’s September 9th event and also announced that its new album, Songs of Innocence, will be exclusively launched through iTunes. All of Apple’s 500 million plus iTunes users have received a copy of this album for free even though Apple is believed to have paid over $100 million for this privilege. The company added this album to users’ iTunes libraries without seeking consent which led […]

Apple Is Believed To Have Spent $100 Million On New U2 Album
Prior to the iPhone 6 event it was reported that iconic rock band U2 will be performing at the event. Even though one such report was rubbished just one day before the event it was reported once again that U2 will be present at the launch. Indeed it was. Once Apple was done with the announcement of its smartwatch the band was called out where it performed a song. A new […]