Sony RM-PZ3SD universal remote control

Sony goes drip-proof with their latest RM-PZ3SD universal remote control that allows you to be yourself under the guise of a couch potato, munching on pizzas while guzzling down cans of Coke (or Bud if you’re of legal age), one after another when enjoying your favorite movie. Fret not when your short, stubby yet greasy fingers fail to grasp the cold Coke can properly, spilling some of its contents all […]

MX-5000 Universal Remote Control

Are you in the market for a new universal remote control? If the answer is in the affirmative, you might be interested to check out the new MX-5000 which at first glance looks like the rest of its predecessors, buttons and all, but upon closer inspection you’ll realize that this puppy boasts a haptic feedback touchscreen. Basically, the MX-5000 is pretty much similar in nature to the MX-6000 save for […]

ThinkFlood RedEye Universal Remote Control

The ThinkFlood RedEye Universal Remote Control peripheral that will cater for both the iPhone and iPod touch is pretty nifty – it comprises of a tiny IR transmitter box that boasts Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as an integrated dock to juice up your iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPod touch. All you need to do is download the RedEye software application to the respective device before you can get hooked up […]

Universal Remote Control Massages

Now who would’ve thought that something like a universal remote control could do more than just gain command of more devices and appliances in the house than you can shake a stick at? The Universal Remote Control you see here comes in a really unorthodox shape – it is round in nature and has spikes. The whole idea behind this shape is to provide a pressure-point massage to your hand […]