Darth Vader Unmasked

We all know that Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker gone bad, but the fourth series of Mimoco’s Star Wars Mimobot line will definitely draw a whole flock of Star Wars fans despite knowing how pasty-faced the Dark Lord of the Sith looks like underneath his mask. Unmasking the Darth Vader Mimobot will reveal the scarred visage of Anakin Skywalker, where one in every six Vader’s feature the classic Anakin face […]

Elecom Reine USB Flash Drive

Elecom gets flashy this time round with their Reine USB flash drive that will come in 8GB and 16GB configurations, featuring pleasant-looking pastel colors alongside some poorly translated French scribbled on top of them. No idea on how much they’ll cost, but considering how hilarious Engrish is, having some Frinsh (you heard it here first!) would be a pleasant change.

Mechanical Memory Key

Talk about one-of-a-kind – that’s exactly what the Mechanical Memory Key is, where it took around a dozen hours to complete by UK artist Rob Smith. The case itself is made out of wood, while within the enclosed space are parts from six other pocket watches of yore. The key is made out of purple heart & has approximately 26 Ruby’s which look great when the key catches the light, […]

PQI Intelligent Drive i812

If you’re going to attend an event where there will be plenty of geeks, then might we suggest dressing up for the occasion with the PQI Intelligent Drive i812? You can choose from cherry blossom pink or royal blue colors, where the sandblasted surface comes engraved with a neat vine illustration for that extra dab of fashion. You can wear this as a necklace, where it comes in handy should […]


Shuriken USB Flash Drive

Drive home your point with this Shuriken USB flash drive that holds up to 2GB of data within. Looks deadly from the outside, but one will realize that it isn’t meant to kill people but your business competitors as it holds a ton of company secrets within. Information, when used correctly, can be deadly after all – even more so than such a weapon.

Cereal And Spoon USB Flash Drive

We’ve covered gimmicky USB flash drives in the past (with the sushi ones being the most popular), so why not introduce something with a little more Western in terms of taste and design? Enter the Cereal and Spoon USB flash drive that plugs nicely into the side of your USB port on a notebook, but we don’t think this is something you’d like to have around clumsy colleagues as they […]

Steampunk 4GB USB Flash Drive

This steampunk mod might look ok at first glance, but upon closer inspection, we ain’t too impressed since it comes with tacked on gears and bits of metal. Well, at least you have 4GB of storage space to play around with, where it has been bedecked with a vintage clock and watch gear, wrapped in copper. We don’t think this is one USB flash drive you would want to house […]