VIZIO brings the cinema screen to your living room with their Cinemawide HDTV

[CES 2011] VIZIO will be redefining the “Home Theatre” in your living room with their upcoming Cinemawide HDTV LED LCDs. Available in two sizes – 50″ and 58″ these monsters will bring the cinema experience to you without you having to set foot into a cinema. The Cinemawide HDTVs will feature a 21:9 Cinema aspect ratio can display native 2.35: 1 “CinemaScope” movies without any black bars for a true […]

VIA Plus offers a unified experience for Vizio devices

[CES 2011] We already know that Vizio is offering a juicy number of devices lined up for us, such as 71-inch 3D displays, along with the VIA Phone and Tablet. Of course, there is some service connecting all those things together, and we’re talking about the VIA Plus service. The VIA Plus offers a connected ecosystem combining the latest technologies for a unified user experience. VIA Plus HDTVs and Blu-ray […]

Vizio announces the VIA Plus Phone and Tablet

[CES 2011] We’ve previously heard whispers of a VIA Phone and Tablet from Vizio and were even lucky enough to catch a picture of them. Now Vizio has come out and made both products official, confirming the technical specifications of them too. First off, the Vizio VIA Phone will be powered by a 1GHz processor and offer some juicy features such as a 4-inch capacitive touchscreen display, Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth, […]

Google TV Hardware Delayed Due To Software Upgrades

While it’s great news that CES is just around the corner, the bad news is that if you were looking forward to seeing many Google TV hardware devices there, you might be in for a bit of disappointment. Word is going around that Google made a last minute decision to ask for more time to work on its software, which means that there will not be any new Google TV […]


VIZIO 65-Inch Theater 3D Razor LED HDTV with Battery-Free Glasses

VIZIO has announced the company’s new 65-inch Theater 3D Edge-Lit Razor LED HDTV with VIZIO Internet Apps. The company is boasting its new 3D technology, which utilizes a battery-free glasses option that’s said to cause less eyestrain than current active shutter technology found on many 3D HDTV sets on the market today. The model XVT3D650SV comes with four sets of 3D glasses and incporates the 3D processing inside of the […]

OnLive And Vizio Looking To Start Movie Subscription Services

Word is going around that cloud gaming service OnLive and TV maker Vizio are in the midst of discussing separate deals for subscription movie services of their own. OnLive is apparently committed to expanding to movies via subscriptions and other business models while Vizio is unofficially believed to be in talks for content. Such a move would be a bold one for OnLive since the company is essentially branching out […]

Vizio Wireless HDMI XWH1RX System Visits The FCC

You might not see many products that offer Wireless HDMI, but Vizio is aiming to offer one more device for you to choose form in the form of the XWH1RX. The device has just paid a visit to the FCC, bringing it one step closer to you. The reports indicate that the system will consist of a wireless HDMI transmitter and a receiver that will function over the 60GHz frequency. […]

Vizio XVTHP200 Wireless Headphones With iPod Docking Station Visits The FCC

You might have been drooling over the Vizio Active Noise Canceling High Definition Headphones with Wireless Dock for iPod, aka the XVTHP200, and now you’re one step closer to getting it as the device has just paid a visit to the FCC. If the name didn’t give the features away, it’s a set of wireless headphones that feature a docking/charging station that supports the iPod/iPhone too. It features music playback […]

FCC checks out Vizio’s 3D Blu-ray player

Since stereoscopic 3D support is the big thing these days, it makes perfect sense for Vizio to jump into the fray with their latest VBR333/VBR3334 3D Blu-ray player that has made its way to the FCC, bringing along with it 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity to boot. An FCC filing this early might suggest it will be able to hit the market in time for the holiday shopping season, although do […]

Vizio 7-inch Edge Lit Razor LED LCD Portable TV

Vizio has just released its 7-inch Edge Lit Razor LED LCD Portable TV that will appeal to those who want to get their TV fix wherever you are. You won’t be able to get full HD resolution though, since the widescreen display supports only 800 x 480 resolution, while integrating an antenna into a design that measures less than an inch thick (for greater portability, obviously). The Edge Lit Razor […]

Vizio ups the ante with new TruLED XVT HDTV series

Vizio certainly knows how to throw a party with their latest TruLED XVT HDTV series are more than ready to mix it up with the best – albeit non-3D models of course, accompanied by a price tag that ought to gain nods of approval from the ‘finance minister’ in your home. The 42″, 47″ and 55″ models will all sport LED backlighting, 240Hz and a touted 10,000,000:1 contrast ratio (which […]

VIZIO expands their HD Audio Eco-System

VIZIO has certainly come a long way from its humble beginnings, and will now expand their High Definition Audio Eco-System with a new range of Wireless HD Audio products, where among them includes Home Theater Soundbars with wireless subwoofers as well as wireless home theater headphones. Going without wires seem to be the in thing these days, and we will take a look at the VHT210 32″ Home Theater Soundbar […]

Vizio Launches New Home Theater Products

Vizio has come up with some rather cool new gear for the home theater enthusiast in you. First up is a wireless HDMI adapter that comes bundled with a 4-port switch, allowing you to deliver HD quality video from a variety of sources. To mount your huge HDTV, Vizio also has extremely slim wall mounts that cater for HDTVs from 19 to 65 inches. Finally, it also has new universal […]

Vizio Razor LED mobile TV range announced

[CES 2010] You know how consumer electronics manufacturers have to come up with something different and new each year to keep the masses satisfied? Well, with 3D being the last frontier (they say that every year concerning whatever new technology that was announced), could we see mobile 3D TVs being the next big thing? Vizio might be walking down that path, but in the meantime we will have to be […]