Leeding E.D.G.E concept wheelchair

Wheelchairs are great tools to help the disabled get around quickly and efficiently, but do you feel that there could be further improvements introduced into a wheelchair for future generations? The Leeding E.D.G.E concept might just do the trick, as it will bring its occupant to an eye-to-eye level (assuming the height of both parties are nearly the same, of course) for a more polite conversation. Not only that, it […]

Air Canada fixes Tanner Bawn’s wheelchair after Twitter pressure

The power of social networking – in this case, Twitter (who recently celebrated its 20 billionth tweet), is at work once again, where Air Canada fixed a terminally ill boy’s wheelchair after it was damaged during a flight. Pressure from Twitter users after viewing appeals from the aunt of 10-year-old Tanner Bawn had reached Air Canada, and not only was the wheelchair fixed, the airline will also send the boy […]

Futuristic Wheelchair

While none of us want to be confined in a wheelchair, if we ever are, this futuristic concept wheelchair would probably the one that we’d pick. It offers a teardrop extrusion located at the back to help negate the negative effects of contemporary wheelchairs, but let’s face it, it looks incredibly cool. Aside from being the coolest wheelchair on the block, it also offers the ability to be controlled by […]

Lightweight wheelchair is special

If you think that life without a limb is hard, how about having only one limb to survive? When that happens, even getting around on a wheelchair is more or less impossible, but thanks to designer Mark Veljkovich, he has come up with this extremely lightweight and minimal wheelchair which allows one to navigate around on a wheelchair with but a solitary limb. Made from a lightweight skeleton with a […]


Action Trackchair enhances mobilization

No longer do you need to be confined to flat and gradual slopes if you’re in a wheelchair – Action Manufacturing ensures you can even live a rough and tumble lifestlye outdoors with their Action Trackchair. The Action Trackchair is basically a motorized wheelchair with tank-like tracks for its wheels, allowing you to traverse all sorts of terrain (short of floating on water, of course) just in case you’re feeling […]

iTilta superchair

Gu JiaWei’s iTilta superchair is one concept design that will surely revolutionize the way we see wheelchairs – after all, it is a flexible structure complete with pressure transmission tappet that makes it a snap to get in and out. We’re pretty sure that users of this in the future won’t mind having something like it to get around in style, but current technology doesn’t look too likely that it […]

Roll Charge Light Protect wheelchair

Just when you thought that all wheelchairs were created equal, along comes the Roll Charge Light Protect wheelchair that might sound rather ostentatious, although it is all about safety. The rims will feature LEDs which obtain their power from the wheels’ motion, which in turn (no pun intended) will help the occupant have a clearer look at their surroundings as well as making them visible to people around – nifty […]

CARRIER Wheelchair entertains virtually any terrain

Wheelchairs help the disabled get up and about, but many times they are thwarted by poor planning and layout of an area that makes it disabled unfriendly. The CARRIER Wheelchair can be said to be the Hummer of them all, where it is more than capable of traversing just about any terrain or situation, be it stairs or steep inclines. This is made possible by its frame that was specially […]

Paramobile Makes Golfing Accessible

Parabasetec has made the sport of golfing accessible to those in wheelchairs thanks to the Paramobile. This powered wheelchair is not only suitable for the physically disabled to go through the entire 18 holes, it also works great for other outdoor activity such as hunting and archery among others – basically activities that require standing although not necessarily walking. We wonder just how many golf course operators would actually take […]