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Wiitality Armband To Help Your Enjoy Wiifit
Holding the Wiimote while fiddling with Wii Fit might not be the most convenient thing, and that’s why you might want to check out Talismoon’s Wiitality accessory, which is basically a neoprene band that can hold your Wiimote in place, securing the controller on your arm via sturdy Velcro straps. You can pick up the Wiitality at Amazon for $3, which is certainly cheaper than having the Wiimote slip from […]

OpenChord V1 plugs guitar into Wiimote
Those Guitar Hero and Rock Band games have certainly caught the attention of many people over the years and for good reason, as it allows one to escape into the world of fantasy being adored by millions sans the money. There’s a new DIY method of playing Guitar Hero now, where it involves plugging in an actual guitar into the Wiimote itself. It definitely will add a whole new level […]

The Art of Motion Control: Beyond the Hype
[E3 2009] I don’t think that anyone had envisioned a post-E3 motion controller war, but that’s what’s happening in the forums and elsewhere right now. After the cool on-stage demos from Microsoft and Sony, gamers are split on what’s “better”, Sony’s Motion Controller magic wand or Microsoft’s full body project Natal. Our first take was that Project Natal was “better, but let’s try to go beyond the hype to review how […]