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Wikileaks To Give Tech Companies 90 Days To Fix Flaws
As you might have heard that not too long ago, Wikileaks released a bunch of documents in which it was discovered that the CIA had kept a list of exploits for multiple operating systems that they could use should the need arise. Wikileaks later announced that they would be helping these tech companies address those problems, but apparently there will be a price.

WikiLeaks Wants To Help Tech Companies Thwart CIA Hackers
Earlier this week, WikiLeaks released a trove of documents claiming to detail the hacking tools that the CIA uses. One of the revelations made in the documents was that the agency is capable of bypassing encryption applied by popular apps like WhatsApp by accessing an Android smartphone remotely and pulling voice and message data even before the app has a chance to apply encryption. WikiLeaks has now said that it […]

Wikileaks Claims Assange's Internet Access Blocked By 'A State Party'
Wikileaks has recently been publishing leaked email archives from John Podesta, who happens to be the campaign manager for Hillary Clinton, and the organization is now claiming that its founder Julian Assange is not being allowed to access the internet by “a state party.” The organization hasn’t confirmed what state is behind this claimed ban but does mention in a tweet that it ahs “activated the appropriate contingency plans.”