Microsoft Re-Releases Windows RT 8.1 Onto Windows Store

We reported yesterday Microsoft pulled the Windows RT 8.1 update for all devices running on Windows RT 8 due to reports of the update bricking Surface RT tablets. As a result of this issue, Microsoft had to investigate what exactly the problem was, and it looks like they have found a solution to the issue as Windows RT 8.1 is available again on the Windows Store.

Microsoft Pulls Windows 8.1 RT Update After Bricking Surface RT Tablets

Microsoft released Windows 8.1 late last week, leaving many Windows users rushing to the Windows Store to update their version of Windows as soon as possible. As with all software updates, it looks there’s a minor snag Microsoft didn’t anticipate prior to the Windows 8.1 launch that is reportedly leaving many Surface RT users with bricked devices after they update their tablets. 

Microsoft Claims Windows 8.1 RTM Downloaded Two Million Times In 24 Hours

The executive vice president of marketing at Microsoft, Tami Reller, announced during the keynote at the Intel Developer Forum today that Windows 8.1 RTM build has been downloaded over two million times in just 24 hours. Only yesterday Microsoft announced that it was going to release the build to TechNet and MSDN subscribers, after initially deciding that the subscribers would get it at the same day as the public release, […]