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Microsoft Windows 8 OEM licensing charges revealed
While it doesn’t really affect most consumers, it looks like the pricing for the Windows 8 OEM licensing charges have been revealed. According to DigiTimes’ sources – Taiwan-based notebook supply chain makers, Microsoft is charging OEMs $60-80 for Windows 8, $80-100 for Windows 8 Pro (with Office) and $50-65 for Windows RT (with Office).In addition to the OEM licensing prices, DigiTimes also reported that a number of notebook manufacturers are […]

Microsoft Surface tablet having production problems?
Yesterday, Microsoft confirmed that we’ll be seeing Windows 8 and devices running the operating system this October, but it looks like there’s a chance we won’t see enough Microsoft Surface tablets at launch. According to the folks at DigiTimes (who aren’t always on the dot with their rumors), Microsoft is suffering from low production yields due to the company working with a “second-tier” chassis supplier that has trouble producing enough […]

Windows 8 user interface ported to iOS via DreamBoard
If you’ve tried using DreamBoard on your jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch, then you’ve probably tested and tried a couple of themes on your device such as the HTC Sense UI and many others. But if you’ve been eyeing on the cool Metro UI of Windows 8, today’s your day because you can now download the Metro-goodness on your iPod touch or iPhone. The video above illustrates how the user interface of […]

Windows 8 confirmed for October release
Good news for those of you looking forward to Windows 8 – we finally have a clearer idea of when the operating system will be released. Microsoft announced today during its Worldwide Partner Conference that the next version of Windows will launch this October. The Release to Manufacturing (RTM) version of the operating system is said to be on track to be released to its partners this August. Windows 8 […]


Samsung working on Windows RT tablet?
We have had word that Dell and HP are working on a Windows RT tablet (according to Digitimes, whose track record in terms of accuracy has not exactly been the best to date), although there was also word that there is HP might be ditching plans for a Windows RT tablet. Samsung has also thrown their lot into the Windows RT tablet scene, or so it seems, as the South […]

HP and Dell launching Windows RT tablets end of this year?
According to the folks over at DigiTimes, HP and Dell will be launching Windows RT tablets in the fourth quarter of 2012 – however, we’ve previously reported about HP confirming that they will not be releasing Windows RT tablets initially which casts some doubt on DigiTime’s story. However, if it turns out to be half true, we’ll be seeing Dell Windows RT tablets powered by Qualcomm processors later this year.In […]

Evigroup SmartPaddle Pro tablet dual boots into Windows 7 and Windows 8
Want to get a Windows-based tablet but you’re not sure if you want it to run Windows 7 or Windows 8? You’re in luck. The folks over at Evigroup have recently announced their new Intel-based tablet – the SmartPaddle Pro. What separates this tablet from other Windows tablets out there is its ability to dual-boot into Windows 7 or Windows 8. Granted, Windows 8 is not out, but the tablet […]

Microsoft details its Windows 8 upgrade offer
Microsoft announced early this month the availability of its Windows 8 upgrade offer. For $14, Microsoft will allow Windows users to upgrade their PCs to Windows 8 Pro as part of the offer. We mentioned that the offer started in the 2nd of June, launching in 131 markets. Today, we were able to get some information from ZDNet about the details of the offer.Apparently Microsoft has shared the details about […]

NewsMix Social Reader App for Windows 8 introduced
Just what is the NewsMix Social Reader App? Well, this is an interactive newsstand that allows anyone and everyone access to it to be able to discover news that are shared by those who matter to you. Basically, it will zoom in on the kind of news that you want to read by cutting through all the social media noise out there, and is definitely a complement to the app […]

Huawei might launch Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 devices soon, report says
Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer Huawei Technologies has allegedly revealed plans to launch its own line of tablets running on Microsoft’s Windows 8, as well Windows Phone 8 –operated smartphones. The rumor, first heard from Reuters, reportedly came from a senior executive working at Huawei. In April this year, we wrote to you about Huawei working on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 devices. Huawei reportedly gathered a team of 70 engineers […]

Microsoft Surface Tablet First Impressions: Awesome
Earlier today, Microsoft held a mysterious event in Los Angeles. We talked about a Microsoft tablet, but to be honest, we were expecting a Windows RT (for ARM) demo with different vendors rather than a full-blown Microsoft launch with their own tablets (although that was always in the background). We should have simply listened to the various hints. In any case, the Microsoft devices got unveiled as you have seen […]

Will the $85 price of Windows 8 RT Doom Windows 8 tablets? Probably Not.
The rumor that Microsoft may be charging $85 for the Windows 8 RT (which runs on ARM, and include Microsoft Office) license to tablet manufacturers is creating waves on news sites, and many people are shocked that in a world where mobile operating systems are -apparently- free (Android, iOS), Microsoft could charge so much for the software. The immediate thought is that money spent on the Windows 8 RT license […]

Google confirms arrival of Chrome for Windows 8
Early this year, we’ve said that Mozilla is developing a dedicated Firefox browser for Windows 8. Google also announced that it is working on a Chrome version that will run on Windows 8. Now that the Windows 8 Release Preview has been launched, Google’s promised Chrome browser for Windows 8 seems to be in its final stages of development. Via its The Chromium Blog, Google said that the initial releases […]

Microsoft Office 2010 is the first desktop app in Windows Store
Last week, we wrote to you that Microsoft has launched the Windows 8 Release Preview. So, if you’ve been waiting for it, and if you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can get it via Microsoft’s Windows 8 page. Moving on, Microsoft already said that it will be adding desktop app listings to its Windows Store in the Windows 8 Release Preview. “Desktop app listings will show up in the Store […]