Alleged Windows 9/Threshold Screenshot Leaked

We have heard the rumors that Microsoft could be working on a new version of Windows called Windows 9/Threshold. One of the features that Microsoft could be implementing could be Cortana which would see the Windows Phone voice assistant brought onto PCs. Other changes also includes a new Start Menu and while Microsoft did tease a design earlier this year, new screenshots from myce have revealed that those changes could […]

Leaked Windows Build Offers A Look At The Start Menu

A build of the next major Windows update is believed to have leaked online. Microsoft has already said that it is going to bring back the start menu in the next major update. A screenshot that appeared online today gives us a look at how the Start menu might look once it finally makes its way back to Windows. Evidently it’s a departure from the classic Start menu as this appears to […]

Windows 9 Public Preview Release Expected Later This Year

In the near future Microsoft is going to release the second update for Windows 8.1. Even though it continues to work on this update the focus at Redmond seems to be at the next iteration of Windows, codenamed Threshold, and believed to be branded Windows 9 when it finally hits shelves next year. A new report published today claims that it is possible for Microsoft to go ahead with a […]

Microsoft Rumored To Be Making Drastic Changes To Windows 9

As you might have heard, China wasn’t too happy about it when Microsoft officially ended support for Windows XP. They called Microsoft irresponsible but ironically enough despite alternatives such as Windows 8 being out there, they chose not to upgrade, claiming that Windows 8 would basically allow them to be spied on.Now China is a pretty huge market and for the Chinese government to ban the installation of Windows 8 […]


Windows 9 Rumored For Q2-Q3 2015 Release

About a month ago, leaked information surfaced about Microsoft’s next major revision to Windows, which at the moment is being referred to as Windows 9. Now thanks to additional information obtained by Myce, it seems that some of those earlier leaked features can be “confirmed”, as well as some revelations about possible features that could make its way onto the platform as well.According to the information that was leaked, it […]

Windows 9 Details Leaked By WZOR

WZOR is a popular Russian pirate group that has leaked confidential Windows related information and downloads many times in the past. The latest leak brings Windows 9 details as well as information about the next major Windows 8.1 update. The group also claims that Microsoft is working on a cloud based operating system. Microsoft obviously hasn’t talked about any of this as yet, so despite the credible track record, it would […]

Windows 9 Could Arrive RTM In Early October

WZor, who happens to be a well-known source when it comes to Microsoft software leaks, did tweet out a response concerning speculation that was made concerning the launch of Windows 9, where the tweet claimed that development of the operating system could arrive at the release to manufacturing (RTM) stage by the time October 21st, 2014. Earlier on, Microsoft claimed to be working on the ability to roll out Windows […]

HP Windows 7 PCs Are Back By ‘Popular Demand’

Windows 8 wasn’t adopted as enthusiastically as Windows 7. The public has different opinions about the former, some dislike the touch UI and say that it shouldn’t have been introduced for desktop PCs, where some like the new UI changes that Microsoft has made. Microsoft might have relied upon OEM partners to push its latest Windows iteration through their products, which would definitely help in increasing adoption as well as shaping […]

Microsoft Rumored To Talk About Windows 9 At BUILD Conference In April

For quite a while now we have been hearing that the next wave of major Windows updates will come under the “Threshold” banner. Microsoft is expected to elaborate on it at its BUILD developers conference in April. The actual release is said to be a year off, Microsoft will reportedly talk in detail about its vision for the future of Windows. According to the latest by the folks at Windows […]