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Someone Has Installed Windows 95 On Apple Watch
The Apple Watch isn’t a product that has been designed to run Windows but if you can wait for an hour for the smartwatch to boot up like this developer did, you too can get Windows 95 running on the Apple Watch. Developer Nick Lee was able to make this happen and he has posted a video on YouTube to show how Windows 95 looks when it’s running on Apple’s […]

Run Windows 95 In Your Browser
Many of us have fond memories of old Windows iterations. Over the years, we’ve seen Microsoft’s cash cow grow into the behemoth that it is today and there are some iterations of Windows that will always live in our memory, Windows XP for example. Windows 95 holds a special place as well since it was first the first release to introduce the much loved Start menu. While you might find […]

Microsoft Celebrates Windows 95 20th Anniversary With Free Rolling Stones' Track
Windows has come a long way over the past couple of decades, many of us remember using the early versions of this popular operating system and seeing it progress with every new iteration. Windows 95 was quite popular in its own right and Microsoft conducted a very big launch event for this particular iteration, Windows 95 was released on August 24th 1995 and today is its 20th anniversary. To commemorate the […]

Windows 95 Spotted Running On The Samsung Gear Live
For those who have been using computers for a long time, chances are you might have at one point in time used Microsoft’s Windows 95 operating system. What made Windows 95 so memorable was the fact that the Start Menu was first introduced in the operating system and subsequently brought back to future builds of Windows.In fact there was a lot of fuss when Microsoft tried to remove it with […]