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Windows Store hits 20,000 apps, aims for 30,000 before the end of the year
Earlier this month it was revealed that the Windows Store had managed to rack up close to 13,000 apps, a pretty impressive feat given that Apple’s Mac Store is only sporting 12,641 apps and has been up and running longer. In any case the folks at WinAppUpdate are back with more figures and it seems that in less than a month, Microsoft has managed to bring that number up to […]

Windows Store now has 13,000 apps
According to WinAppUpdate, Microsoft’s Windows Store for Windows 8 now has a total of 12,895 applications since yesterday. Albeit the number of apps are still relatively small when compared to the Mac App Store’s more than 10,000 apps, it ‘s worth noting that Windows 8 was just launch last month. The opposite could be true. The nearly 13,000 tally yesterday follows after WinAppUpdate revealed on Wednesday last week that the Windows Store […]

New Windows Store screenshots surface
The Windows Store was introduced last week, but the video demonstration released by Microsoft didn’t really let us have a good look at the store. Fortunately the folks over at manage to get their hands on some screenshots, to show us a little bit more of how it looks like. We get a good look at how the installation and top apps screen look like and judging by the […]

Windows Store introduced
Microsoft introduced its Windows 8 app store today for the first time, and fortunately for those of us who didn’t make it to the event, a detailed write up a video introduction was posted up on the official Windows Store blog. In case you didn’t know – the Windows Store will be where consumers will find and acquire Metro-style apps. The Windows Store will feature a Metro-style interface and its […]


Microsoft to show off Windows 8 app store tomorrow
Microsoft will be making the app store a part of the Windows 8 experience, but until now we don’t really know much about it except that it will be the exclusive way for developers to distribute new-style Windows 8 apps. The store will support free and paid apps, trial versions as well as in-app payments, and it won’t sell older-style (classic) Windows apps that work on Windows 8 and older […]