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CHiP The Robotic Canine
[CES 2016] It is one thing to have a pet, a real life, furry friend who goes through life’s ups and downs with you without a single complaint, and it is another if you were to take the electronic route – and this is where WowWee’s CHiP comes in. We talked about it in November last year, and CHiP was spotted on the CES Unveiled showfloor.

WowWee CHiP Dog Robot
When we talk about robotic dogs, I suppose one of the more endearing images would be that of the Sony Aibo. Well, the Aibo has been done and dusted for many years now, which is why the new model from WowWee, known as the CHiP dog robot, does appeal to the sense. WowWee is no stranger when it comes to technologically inclined toys, and the CHiP dog robot that sports […]