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H1Z1 Brings A Zombie Apocalypse Scenario About
I am not sure about you, but there seems to have been a fair number of movies, books as well as comics that do depict what the world will be like in the event of a zombie apocalypse – not only will you need to contend with mindless hordes of the hungry undead, but you will also have to outwit yourself against other scheming human beings. Having said that, video […]

Scientists Figure Out Safest Places In A Zombie Apocalypse
Let’s face it – the world is either going to end in one of two ways – through a zombie apocalypse, or a nuclear war, where either one would mean many of the human population being wiped out in an instant, although the fallout of a nuclear war might not be as heart pounding as that of a zombie apocalypse despite the fact that it is a by far the […]

Zombie Train Lets Passengers Shoot At The ‘Undead’
I would like to think that the world has experienced an oversaturation of zombie movies, so much so that there really isn’t anything new or exciting anymore whenever there is a new zombie movie that is about to be shown. Well, if you ever wondered whether you were cut out to survive a zombie apocalypse should it actually happen, perhaps you might want to take a ride on the Sierra […]