Apple Reportedly Delays iTV Launch Beyond 2014

Apple has long been rumored to be working on a full fledged TV set, but so far nothing has materialized except rumors. There have been no sightings of the TV in the wild, and we haven’t seen any parts of components being leaked. It is widely believed that Apple might release the “iTV” in 2014, but a new report from DisplaySearch suggests otherwise. It claims that Apple has delayed iTV […]

Vodafone Claims That Exploding iPad Was Not The iPad Air

Remember our story that we ran last week about an iPad which exploded? Well, back then we did mention that chances of identifying the correct iPad that burst into flames was one in four, since Apple is selling four different kinds of iPad models at the moment, but it seems that the iPad Air is now out of running from the race (which is a good thing for those who […]

Pegatron Misses Expected Third Quarter Profit Apparently Due To iPhone 5c Production Cuts

Its not like this is the first time we’re hearing about iPhone 5c production cuts. It has been rumored multiple times that Apple has cut iPhone 5c production due to weak demand for its “unapologetically plastic” iPhone. Earlier today Taiwan based Pegatron, which manufactures the iPhone 5c, reported its third quarter earnings. The net profit slightly missed market expectations, coming in at T$2.48 billion or US$84.29 million instead of the expected […]

iPad Air Fails To Survive Drop Test

Apple’s iPad Air is the Cupertino company’s latest tablet offering and not only is the device thinner and lighter, but it is smaller at the same time, but what does this mean in terms of durability? In the past we have seen Richard Ryan put products to the “test” by performing drop tests and firing guns at them on his YouTube channel, RatedRR, but in the case of the iPad […]


Apple’s New Sapphire Manufacturing Facility In Arizona Will Depend On Solar Power

It was last week when we brought you word that Apple is looking to build up a components factory in Arizona that will be a part of their new advanced sapphire manufacturing facility. This is feel good news for sure, where the components plant is touted to create over 2,000 jobs in the near future, where 700 of these will happen in the first year, not to mention another 1,300 […]

iOS 7.0.3 Bugs Shown Off In Video

There is nothing quite like having a new version of the mobile operating system installed on your smartphone, as you take advantage of the latest features and functions introduced by the developers themselves. Unfortunately for the masses, this would mean that you would often need to have newer hardware in order to run the most recent version of the operating system. For those who are running on iOS 7.0.3, you […]

Proporta’s iPhone 5/5s Case Can Withstand A Shotgun Blast

We’re not sure how many of you guys need a bullet proof iPhone case, but in case you do, Proporta has unveiled a new case for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s that according to the manufacturers, will be able to withstand a shotgun blast from up to 20 yards. As you can see in the photo above, the Proporta iPhone case does not look particularly unique in the sense […]

iPhone 5s Lit On Fire, For Science

Some things are worth doing, for science. That’s exactly what the folks at TechRax decided to do, when they lit a gold iPhone 5s on fire using gasoline. If that wasn’t all they added more fuel to the fire, literally, by spraying flammable body spray. The experiment resulted in the obvious conclusion that the iPhone 5s isn’t fireproof, but you probably already knew that. The idea was to see if the iPhone […]

Apple Reportedly Working On Two New iPhones With Curved Screens

Its still too early to say if curved displays are going to make it in the mainstream smartphone market. Both Samsung and LG have come out with their contenders, but it remains to be seen if the Galaxy Round or G Flex are ever launched globally. A new report from Bloomberg suggests that Apple might want in on the curved bandwagon as well. Apparently Cupertino is working on two new […]

LCD Burn-In Reportedly Causing Retina iPad Mini Release Delay

The delay in Retina iPad mini’s release has long been attributed to poor yield rates of the Retina display panels, but a new report coming out of Korea suggests that there’s actually a problem affecting an unknown number of panels Sharp has manufactured that are behind this delay. While Sharp isn’t the primary manufacturer of display panels for the Retina iPad mini, it is believed to manufacture as many as […]

iPad Explodes In Vodafone Store Causing Evacuation

With gadgets that are fitted with batteries, you always run into the risk of those batteries not playing nice, and ultimately deciding to malfunction in a number of ways. The most “popular” method is simply blowing up, often times bursting into flames. It seems like this kind of unfortunate circumstance has once again happened, this time, to a demo iPad in Australia.

24CT Gold iPad Air, iPad Mini Will Only Cost You Over $1800 To Own

If you were expecting Apple to announce a gold version of either the iPad Air or iPad Mini a few weeks ago during their latest press conference, you were probably extremely disappointed to see you won’t be able to “get your gold on” as there was no gold color option for either tablet. Lucky for you, Gold Geenie has once again come to the aid to those who would like […]

iQi Is A Wireless Charger For Your iPhone That Will Fit Into Your Case

If there’s one feature that the iPhone lacks compared to the likes of some Android and Windows Phone devices is wireless charging. Granted at the moment wireless charging is not as useful as one might think, namely because you’d still need to place your device on top of the base charger, we guess there are still some out there who love it and have their uses for it. Well the […]

Apple Patent Suggests iWatch With On-Demand Bluetooth 4.0 LE Connectivity For Battery Conservation

If there’s one thing Apple has been criticized for, it would be its iPhone battery life where there are some users who find it ridiculous that Apple still relies on 1,500mAh-sized batteries while the competition is offering twice that amount. The reason for using smaller batteries is so that Apple can make their products thinner, and if the upcoming iWatch is any indication, we expect Apple will try to distinguish […]