Logitech Google TV Companion, Close-Up

Logitech is going to be the only “box” provider for Google TV at launch time, and that’s a huge deal for the company. If you want another Google TV experience, Sony will embed Google TV in its new TVs this Fall, but chances are, most Google TV users will try it on the Logitech Google TV Companion instead. As you can see in the photos, the box itself is fairly […]

MSI Convertible SketchBook Laptop Concept

While most manufacturers are saving the best stuff to be showcased at Computex, MSI doesn’t seem to have any problem showing off some cool devices before the event, as it has unveiled its SketchBook at an event over in Amsterdam. If you like to doodle, this is for you. It offers a twistable base that sports a keyboard on one side and a full-sized graphics tablet on the other. While […]

Alienware M11x Review

The Alienware M11X has been designed to eradicate the idea that decent gaming laptops have to be heavy, loud and expensive. The idea behind the M11X is that a special-purpose (here, “gaming”) laptop can be tuned to bring a very good performance per dollar and per lbs. When it was announced at CES, users worldwide got excited about the concept – no surprise there. I took it for a ride […]

HP Thinks That Cows Could Power Server Farms

While most people wouldn’t want to have anything to do with cow manure, the folks over at HP have taken a special interest in it. Why is HP busy checking out dairy cows? Turns out that they think that they could turn manure into fuel. Cow manure is full of biogas, and with the right equipment, methane can be extracted. According to some interesting calculations, the average cow makes enough […]


Motion Computing C5v And F5v Rugged Tablets With Core i7

Intel’s Core i5 and i7 processors are obviously very popular at the moment, but you don’t see them appearing on tablet devices too often. Motion Computing looks like it’s trying to change things by cramming said processors into its C5v and F5v tablet computers, the former which is aimed towards the medical profession and the latter targeting the retail, engineering and utilities market. These devices offer a 10.4-inch TFT touch […]

Microsoft’s Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Studio Series Comes In Fancy Patterns

Think your wireless mouse is boring? If you had one of the freshly-announced Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Studio Series mice from Microsoft, you wouldn’t be complaining about that. Instead of offering you the boring original colors (grey and pink), Microsoft is now offering three graphic designs for you to choose from – Wave, Folk and Geode. It’s currently available exclusively at Best Buy for $29.95. If you insist on the […]

3G-supporting HP Mini 210 Offered By Verizon Wireless

Verizon subscribers who are shopping around for a new netbook might want to know that the carrier has begun offering the HP Mini 210 netbook with a 3G modem for $149.99 as long as you agree to a two-year contract. If you do decide to go for this, you’ll get a netbook that offers:

More details on NVIDIA GTX 465 with whispers of GTX 460

NVIDIA aims to come up tops with the next generation of video cards, where we do know that the GTX 465 will be based on the Fermi architecture, offering a 607MHz graphics and 1,215MHz processor clock speeds, a 256-bit memory interface, a 3.2GHz effective memory clock, 352 CUDA cores and less power requirements. Apart from that, there are also whispers of the GTX 460 that is touted to be revealed […]

MSI Wind U160DX plays nice with DDR3 RAM

The MSI Wind U160DX netbook will be more future forward with news of it being compatible with DDR3 memory alongside the new Intel Atom N455 processor. It would be interesting to find out just how much of a performance boost (if any) that these updated netbooks will offer after being given compatibility with DDR3 RAM. We do know that in the Netherlands, MSI has just announced the MSI Wind U160DX […]

Teardown: New MacBook Battery Could Fit Into The Previous MacBook

The folks over at iFixit are doing their thing again, in this case it means taking apart Apple’s newly-announced 10-hour MacBook. While you might not be interested in the process of disassembling it, current MacBook owners might want to know that the battery is exactly the same shape as the earlier MacBook, but with an extra 350mAh worth of juice. Granted it’s 7.5grams heavier, but that’s a small price to […]

Microsoft working to fix hole in a 64-bit Windows 7 graphics display component

Microsoft is currently working hard to fix hole in a 64-bit Windows 7 graphics display component which could potentially be exploited by those with nefarious motives, where it is able to crash the system or even take control of the computer by running code remotely. This vulnerability affects 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, and Itanium-based Windows Server 2008 R2, and Microsoft hopes to have a […]

LaCie Network Space MAX unveiled

LaCie’s latest network-attached storage drive is known as the Network Space MAX, where this peripheral will hook up to your computer or LAN via its Gigabit Ethernet port, enabling a slew of other devices to share whatever data you allow on it, with the option to hook it up via USB as well (although expect data transfer rates to be slower then). Apart from that, you can also share a […]

HP Envy 17 Begins To Ship

Do you remember the cool looking HP Envy 17 that was announced a short while ago? If you’ve been disciplined enough to be saving your pennies, you’re now able to pick up this large-screen laptop, with the base price of it going for $1,399. Of course, the juicier the specs, the fatter HP’s wallet will become, so make sure you know what you’re selecting before charging your credit card. As […]

Fujitsu LifeBook A530 aims to increase productivity for the road warrior

If your boss ever buys you a new notebook that is known as the Fujitsu LifeBook A530, woe to you then. This is meant to increase your efficiency and productivity whenever you are out of the office, since it sports full PC capability with Windows 7 Home Premium as the operating system of choice. Underneath the hood, you will find an Intel Core i3-330M 2.13GHz or Intel Core i5-520M 2.4GHz […]