Google To Launch Google Storage As A Competitor To Amazon S3?

Rumor is going around that Google is planning to launch its own cloud storage option that would rival Amazon’s S3. If the rumor is accurate, the service will be called Google Storage for Developers (GS), allowing app developers to host content for themselves or other users online. The service will initially be available in a private beta and Google will be making it easy for existing S3 customers to make […]

Intel Begins To Ship 25nm Flash Memory

Intel has confirmed that the joint-venture Intel-Micron Flash Technologies has begun shipments of flash memory produced using the 25nm fabrication process. Thanks to the 25nm process, Intel, Micron and their partners will be able to dramatically boost capacities of various flash-based devices, such as solid-state drives (SSD). While the exact clients who are purchasing 25nm memory haven’t been identified, word is out that Intel is planning to offer 600GB SSDs […]

New MacBook boasts audio and video support via Mini DisplayPort

The recently introduced MacBook will feature a Mini DisplayPort that is different from its predecessor – this time round, it will offer audio and video support through a single cable, as long as you use a compatible Mini DisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter that connects from the MacBook itself to a home theater system or TV. As long as the adapter is VESA-compliant, you ought to be able to revel it its new […]

Installing a SSD into a MacBook Pro

Have a MacBook Pro and wish it could perform faster in terms of data transfer due to the large amounts of media that you tend to shift on that platform? Well, how about throwing in a solid-state drive (SSD) into the equation? Here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to do so, although you will need some rather steady hands, not to mention some technical know how without a fear that […]


ViewSonic VOT125 PC Mini ready to rock and roll

ViewSonic has rolled out its latest VOT125 PC Mini, where this nettop is ready to fulfil your order request by coming in a compact form factor that will definitely work well with folks who are limited by the amount of space at home or at the office. Featuring a green-centric design, the VOT125 PC mini uses up to 90% less plastic and consumes up to 90% less energy than traditional […]

USB Duet bypasses iTunes software where plug-and-play connectivity with the Apple iPad is concerned

USB Duet is a new solution for folks who want to bypass the iTunes software whenever they want to load content to the iPad directly from a computer, and the company hopes for it “to become the gold standard mobile connectivity solution for the entire computing market.” The USB Duet is basically an exclusive combination of PLX-engineered hardware and application software that was specially designed directly into OEMs’ new netbook […]

USB Stress Ball helps keep Bruce Banner sane

Have you had way too much stress at the office? Instead of coming back with a fiery temper and kicking the dog, why not make sure the USB Stress Ball is there for you to release some of the pressure while maintaining a calm outlook on life? This red blob will fit nicely in any hand, where you can squeeze it, pull it, twist it, and smash it – basically […]

AVA Media ixVL media centre spotted

The AVA Media ixVL media centre that you see here does have enough processing muscle to handle all your living room entertainment needs – assuming they aren’t all too demanding, that is. Shipping with a choice between an i3 or i5 processor, you will get a nifty looking slot-loading CD/DVD drive (with the option to throw in Blu-ray playback capability assuming you have the additional dough to spare), integrated IPTV […]

Pictures And Details Of The Asus Eee PC 1215 With Nvidia Optimus Surface

The current Eee PC 1201PN might lack the NVIDIA Optimus technology to help you switch your graphics hardware on the fly, saving battery life, but Asus looks like it will be sorting that out in its successor, the Eee PC 1215. The 1215 is more or less the same device as the 1201PN, but sports a slightly different casing, and more importantly offers the Optimus technology, a feature that lets […]

MSI Unveils Its Latest 15.6-inch CX623 Laptop Powered By Intel’s Core i5 CPU

Looking for a new laptop? MSI has just introduced a new addition to its Classic series of laptops – the CX623. Thanks to its use of the NVIDIA GeForce 310M graphics chip and Intel’s Core i5 processor, MSI has dubbed it as the ideal partner for mobile entertainment. While pricing and release information haven’t been announced just yet, we do know its specifications, which include:

Is Anybots QB the first surrogate?

Anybots, a robotics company is launching QB, a robot that the company describes as “the first professional-quality mobile proxy robot”. Yes, this robot will be representing you while you are video conferencing in that Monday morning meeting, and it let you roam around the office from a remote location. I test drove the QB for a few minutes, and I have to admit that I was impressed by the relatively […]

ECS To Introduce Its Latest Netbooks At Computex Next Month

With Computex just around the corner, manufacturers are gearing up to present their wares, and ECS is no different. Reports are in that ECS will be showcasing a new crop of its netbooks at Computex, including three netbooks that sport 10.1-inch displays, Intel Atom processors, Bluetooth, WiMAX, and HSUPA/3G modems. There is also another model listed as the CMPC, which could indicate a Classmate PC, though it hasn’t been confirmed […]

Pioneer Computers Australia Launches Its VIA-powered DreamBook Lite E10 Netbook

Are netbooks beginning to look alike? It’s not too surprising, but Pioneer Computers Australia doesn’t seem to see anything wrong with that, as the company has just launched its new 10-inch netbook, albeit it’s slightly different since it sports a VIA processor, which is less common than Intel’s Atom processor. Judging by the processor, it looks like you might grow a beard trying to use it, but the good news […]

New MacBook Goes Live On Apple’s Online Store

Looks like the leaks were accurate, as Apple has just refreshed its white plastic MacBook, bumping the processor speed to 2.4Ghz, a slight increase for the original 2.26GHz. The graphics grunt has also been upgraded to the NVIDIA GeForce 320M from the existing GeForce 9400M. The most notable improvement that folks will cheer about will likely be the increase of 3-hours in terms of battery life, bringing the total number […]