B2 Military Stealth Concept Tower

[CES 2009] The “stealth” word you see here does not describe a verb, but is actually a noun derived from the B2 Stealth Bomber that the US Army uses in its clandestine operations. Just take a look at the design and you’ll know where the tower chassis got its inspiration from. This is no ordinary computer case as it features an auto-sensing door that opens up and closes whenever you […]

Asus Eee PC T91 Tablet

[CES 2009] Just when you thought you’ve seen it all when it comes to Asus’ line of Eee PCs, along comes the T91 tablet. Like its namesake, you can turn the display around on a swivel and transform it into an ultraportable tablet – what are they going to call this next, a net-tablet? It will come with the following confirmed features :- 8.9″ touch panel display with LED backlight […]

RollerMouse Pro Offers Comfort

[CES 2009] There is no thing quite like an ergonomic keyboard to prevent painful RSI from occurring if you’re at the keyboard for many hours in a day, but things like taking frequent breaks as well as maintaining a good posture sure come in handy. Contour Design has released the RollerMouse Pro – an attachment connected to the bottom segment of your keyboard, offering you the option to do away […]

EarthDrive From ATP

[CES 2009] Staying green is huge this year – at least bigger than the last, and ATP aims to spearhead this notion with their EarthDrive line of products. Made from bio-recycled material, each EarthDrive is waterproof, shock proof and dust proof to ensure maximum protection for your precious data inside. In addition, you get integrated security software that makes room for password protection so that essential information inside remains safe […]


Golla New Collection 2009

Yesterday, Golla announced its new collection 2009 and it is even better than before. They are coming up with two new lines of products: the camera bags and the high end “black line”. You can see one version of the camera bags in the picture above they have tons of variations of colors and motives. The neat innovation is the replacement of the Velcro fixtures by magnets hidden inside the […]

Asus D200 On Display

[CES 2009] The Asus D200 is still not released Stateside, but that has not stopped Asus from bringing it to the showfloor. This Atom N270 powered D200 does have some pretty strong specifications to back it up despite being relatively small in size, including the following :- 2GB RAM 512MB Flash ROM Two 3.5″ SATA hard drive 3.5″ touchscreen LCD display 802.11n router Slot-in DVD-RW 6-channel HD audio There’s no […]

MBook M1 – An Uber Sexy UMPC

I was roaming around the Intel booth when I spotted the MBook M1. It’s a very sleek ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) that hits in the palm of the hand (as you can see in the photo gallery). As with most of these devices, it runs a full version of Windows, but the big difference here is that the keyboard is actually usable, with the thumbs, that said. It takes the top […]

Asus Bamboo Series 12-inch Notebook

[CES 2009] I really like what Asus has done with its Bamboo Series notebook – place it on a wooden floor and chances are pretty good you would actually have it blend into the background. This 12″ Bamboo Series is Asus’ part in helping create sustainable merchandise, featuring LED backlight for lower power consumption and Asus’ Super Hybrid Engine Technology that makes it more efficient thanks to intelligent power allocation. […]

Asus Vito W1 Mouse Checks Your Heart Rate

[CES 2009] Guess the computer mouse is not meant for making life easier in a graphical user interface environment as Asus has introduced a new twist to its Vito W1 laser mouse. Apart from its 1,200dpi resolution laser, you get wireless connectivity within 30 feet at 2.4GHz, with LED alerts to let you know the status of the mouse (red for low battery and blue when receiving commands). The Asus […]

GeForce 3D Vision Stereo Glasses Officially Launched

We’ve shown NVIDIA’s shutter glasses to you during NVISION, but this time, the product is here. The tech works well and games like Age of Empire and World of Warcraft are “jumping out” of the display but the cool thing is in the business model. For those not familiar with the stereo glasses market, you should know that many companies charge not only for the glasses, but also for the […]

Case Logic CLCS Security Friendly Laptop Briefcase

[CES 2009] Want to get through security checkpoints at the airport in a speedy manner so that you can continue with doing something else that is more important? The Case Logic CLCS security friendly laptop briefcase ought to do the trick, as it was specially designed to conform with TSA guidelines, allowing you to get through the screening process in a jiffy. It features a simple Grab ‘N’ Go design […]

PogoPlug Connects Any External USB drive to The Internet

The idea behind PogoPlug is simple: Plug it on an electrical outlet, then hook it up to your wired Ethernet network. Finally, connect a USB drive to it and voila, you have an internet accessible USB drive. The user will just have to register its drive to my.pogoplug.com and the web service will do the rest. There’s no need to open and re-route ports . People don’t even need to […]

Sony VAIO P-series: 1.4 pounds 8-inch display with GPS

[CES 2009] We just got out the Sony press conference and we got our hands on the highly rumored “pocket size” (if you have large pockets) Sony VAIO. Personally, I love the design and I would get one to cover tech conferences. Some people think that the pricetag “about $900″ , according to the press release, is too high for the config: 1.33-GHz Z530 Intel Atom, 2GB RAM, 60GB (standard) […]

Synaptics Adds Gestures For Its Trackpads

Since its last September update, Synaptics has been busy adding new gestures to its trackpad driver. This time around, here’s how Synaptics describes the changes (see image above): Two-Finger Scroll for easy window scrolling in both horizontal and vertical directions, and work in all applications with the active window scroll control. Surf the Internet faster, review documents easily without leaving the TouchPad. Two-Finger Rotate for quickly rotating photos or pages […]