Ripple Mac Mini Clone

Ripple, a Korean OEM manufacturer has released an updated version of its Mac Mini clone that features Intel’s new Atom 1.6GHz processor along with a mini-ITX form factor. Other features include :- 45nm i945GC-Northbridge chipset ICH7 Southbridge chipsets Supports up to 2GB RAM Two USB 2.0 ports Two 3.0GBs SATA connectors Single IDE socket The Ripple Mini Chocolate is extremely tiny, measuring a mere 15mm x 210mm x 80mm which […]

Intel re-enters System-on-Chip market with its X86 architecture

Intel has just announced a System on Chip (SoC) product named EP80579. The basic idea of a SoC is to integrate as many components of a computer as possible in a chip. That allows to reduce the size, cost and power consumption… Right now, these Intel chips are often used to power devices such as network attached storages and so on… The more interesting part of Intel’s announcement is that upcoming […]

Acrylic Cowboy Computer Case

Digital Cowboy from Japan has unleashed its Acrylic Cowboy computer case range that does away with exterior case walls, which is a two-edged sword IMHO. It leaves your computer innards open to all sorts of mishaps (and a whole lot of dust attack) but will definitely run much cooler compared to a traditional PC case. There are various styles to choose from, ranging from the minimal orange platform design of […]

Texas Memory breaks SSD capacity record (and budget) with RamSan-440

Texas Memory’s RamSan-440 provides between 256GB and 512GB of RAM-based SSD storage, 600,000 IOPS, 4,500MB/sec random sustained external throughput and latency under 15-microseconds (yes, microseconds, not milliseconds). It weighs about 90 pounds and comes in a 4U rack-mount enclosureand claims to be the first SSD to use RAIDed NAND flash memory modules for data backup and comes at a record breaking budget of $150,000 for the 256GB version and $275,000 […]


Minicute NANO Mouse

Vantech has a brand new wireless mouse to keep the kid in you smiling, but it won’t do much for your street cred since it comes in the form of a plastic toy car. Known as the Minicute NANO, it will come in various designs, featuring a pretty high resolution of 1600 dpi (most optical mice I know come with 800 dpi on average). Each $39 purchase will come with […]

Apple MacBook Touch Rumor

With the iPhone’s phenomenal success and its 3G model creating waves, rumors of a MacBook Touch is bound to happen. After all, since the iPod line from Apple has also received the touch treatment, why not the MacBook? Word has it that such a device will be out this October, featuring the similar multi-touch format found on the iPhone and its 3G version. It will be powered by the full […]

Sony to enter ultra-low-cost laptop market

Not actual photo It might be the “race to the bottom” that Sony had feared: the netbook market is getting hot (if that wasn’t obvious), and with major players like Dell & HP jumping in, Sony has little choice but join the fight. Digitimes reports that Foxconn Electronics (a contract manufacturer) is “set to manufacture the notebook for Sony”. While not everyone agrees with the scope of the work to […]

PS2 Memory Card Turned into Flash Drive

So your PS2’s all but relegated to the attic since you’re tired of rocking to last-generation consoles. What about the numerous PS2 accessories and peripherals you have collected over the years? Surely the vast numbers of memory cards can be recycled into something useful? Here’s an interesting mod for avid DIY fans among you – it teaches you how to turn an old PS2 Memory Card into a USB flash […]

Fujitsu AMILO Pi 3540 Gets Centrino 2

Fujitsu’s new AMILO Pi 3540 notebook is certainly no slacker when it comes to processing power as it is based on the new Intel Centrino 2 platform, offering up to 4GB of RAM. Tests run which touches on high definition content processing have shown the Fujitsu AMILO Pi 3540 to be 90% faster when it comes to encoding HD videos and a general performance increase of up to 50% when […]

Shuttle SX48P2 Deluxe PC Case

Shuttle concentrates on Intel-based systems this time round with its SX48P2 Deluxe chassis which was specially built for gamers. It also holds the distinction of being the first chassis from Shuttle that is able to support DDR3 memory. This bodes well for those who want to come up with high performance systems, as it offers more memory headroom (up to 8GB if you’re rocking to a 64-bit operating system) at […]

AMD Bobcat Atom-rival to be revealed in November

Some details about AMD’s Bobcat have already leaked. It’s a rival to Intel very successful Atom processor. AMD has confirmed that it will reveal its ultra-mobile processor in November and note that “reveal” might not mean “launch” or “available” here. Some are wondering why AMD is so late. There is speculation that ultra-mobile (and cheap) processors aren’t very profitable. In my opinion – it is a good business, especially for […]

Alibaba NPX-9000 Computer

The Alibaba NPX-9000 computer wants to be the cheapest laptop in the world, and it really is hard to argue against that claim with a $130 price tag. Of course, the only catch is you will need to find another 49 friends who want one of these since a minimum bulk order of 50 units is required before that price can be offered. Other than that, it is interesting to […]

CherryPal Offers Low Power Cloud Computing

CherryPal relies on cloud-based computing minus subscription costs, and won’t be a boon to your monthly power bill as it draws a mere two watts of power. There are no moving parts within, and it uses hardware encrpytion when linking up to the cloud (which is run by Amazon) securely. In order to help pay for the cloud server, short ads are shown each time you open a program, but […]

OCZ Core SSD vs WD VelociRaptor

Some guys over at Hot Hardware pitted an OCZ Core Sries SATA II64GB SSD with a WD VelociRaptor with pretty impressive results. The OCZ average read speed is over 140MB/s and write speed at 87MB/s while the VelociRaptor topped out at 136MB/s for read and 134MB/s write times, respectively. The OCZ SSD clocked very fast times in applications, random-access times and in Windows Defender, gaming, photo import and Vista startup […]