MSI Teases GT80 Gaming Laptop With A Mechanical Keyboard

Due to the design of laptops which are meant to be portable, the keyboards that usually come with laptops tend to be a tad cramped and are usually low-profile so as to fit within the device without it being too thick. Well it looks like MSI is going against convention and has recently announced the GT80 Titan gaming laptop, a laptop that actually comes with a mechanical keyboard built-in. The […]

Over Nine Million Copies Of Watch Dogs Shipped By Ubisoft

Ubisoft made its financial report for the first half of FY15 public today and there are some interesting bits of information that we gain from it. During this period Ubisoft saw a 65 percent increase in sales as opposed to the same time last year. Watch Dogs was a major contributing factor as more than nine million copies of the game were shipped during this period.

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Live Action Trailer Released

A new Call of Duty title is on the horizon so its understandable why a new trailer has been released, it’s not uncommon to pump up the hype a few days before the release. However this trailer isn’t like every other trailer, its actually a live action trailer which makes everything seem a bit more real and believable.

Assassin’s Creed Unity Trailer Reveals Plot Twist

If you happen to follow developments in the world of gaming then you would be aware that a new Assassin’s Creed title is being launched in the near future. What many did not know until today is that Unity isn’t just limited to the period of the French Revolution. A trailer for the title released today shows a very surprising plot twist that folks looking out for this game might not […]


Driveclub PS Plus Edition Release Postponed

Evolution Studios’ Driveclub was supposed to be launched alongside the PlayStation 4 last year as a launch title but its release was delayed by well over a year. A couple of weeks back Driveclub was finally released but it immediately hit some bumps. Server issues frustrated many players who were trying to enjoy the title’s online gaming features, which is something that the developer takes pride in. Because of those […]

Sony Acknowledges PS4 Software 2.0 Issues

The much awaited system software version 2.0 was released recently for the PlayStation 4 but it appears to be plagued with bugs. We reported yesterday how a large number of users have been facing problems ever since they updated the software on their console, with some even finding their console permanently in “rest mode.” Sony has acknowledged the issues and is currently investigating the matter.

Assassin’s Creed Unity With NVIDIA’s GameWorks Shown Off On Video

Just last week Ubisoft revealed the minimum and recommended specs for PC gamers who are looking to play Assassin’s Creed Unity on their computers. While we know that the game is a new game, the requirements were surprisingly high. While both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs are supported, it seems that NVIDIA gamers will have a slight edge. Ubisoft has recently released a video which shows off Assassin’s Creed featuring NVIDIA […]

Grand Theft Auto HD Collection Not Out Of The Question, According To Take-Two

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has been around for many years now which means that compared to Rockstar’s latest Grand Theft Auto V, the rest of their graphics are starting to look a little dated. Does this mean that Rockstar could eventually be releasing a HD remake of all their older GTA titles? Well unfortunately that isn’t happening anytime soon, but according to Take-Two’s CEO Strauss Zelnick, the idea of […]

Nintendo Could Work On Sleep Measuring Device

I clearly remember how Nintendo received more than their fair share of raised eyebrows when they first revealed the Nintendo Wii with its Wiimote and nunchuk – some folks felt that those were not exactly the prime example of a regular video game controller, but somehow or rather, Nintendo managed to prove their doubters wrong, and did go on to make a killing with the Nintendo Wii – in spite […]

Leaked: PlayStation Plus November 2014 North America Content

When it comes to the digital world, information moves and flows so fast and freely, so much so that it is not strange to hear about leaks – be it on the hardware or software side of things. Apparently, the November 2014 PS Plus free games for the continent of North America have already leaked out, in advance of what some have more or less figured out to be an […]

Xbook Duo Combines An Xbox One And Xbox 360 Into A Laptop

There are games made for the Xbox 360 that are not available for the Xbox One, which means is that if you have either console at home, you will find yourself switching between devices every now and then which might be a tad inconvenient. This is unlike the PC where gamers can switch between games easily and all from the same device. Well Ed Zarick has decided to do something […]

‘The Dark Below’ Destiny DLC Coming December 9th

Destiny fans have something to look forward to this December. Bungie and Activision have announced “The Dark Below” DLC for their hit title. The DLC will be launched across all platforms on which the title is available on December 9th and will bring new story missions, multiplayer maps, a new raid, additional strikes as well as new gears and weapons.

Twitch Now Wants Broadcasters To Dress ‘Appropriately’

Streaming gameplay while showing off your awesome physique on Twitch will no longer be acceptable courtesy of a change that Twitch has made in its Rules of Conduct. The new rules lay down the law, those who are using the service to stream gameplay must dress “appropriately,” and the rules go further into details as to what is and what isn’t acceptable.

Gun Simulator Might Be A Big Gaming Hit

Guns are a potentially explosive topic over in the U.S., especially when it comes to the right to own one. Well, it looks set to remain as a divisive factor for the masses, but right now, a couple of American technology entrepreneurs have already come up with a gun simulator for the military which could eventually trickle down to see action among the masses by being a hit in video […]