Star Girls Burlesque Show Kicks Off In San Francisco

Just how many ways are there to monetize the Star Wars franchise? It looks like we are far from milking the franchise dry, as here we are with yet another interpretation on what the Star Wars universe would be like. Star Girls, which can be deemed to be one of the nerdiest burlesque shows you have seen to date, pays homage to Star Wars for its kinky re-imagination of the […]

Twitter Has Suspended 125,000 ISIS-Related Accounts

In this modern day and age, warfare does not only involve troops on the ground, but off it as well. Other than the conventional battlefield that we see out there, there is the virtual battlefield – and this is where ideas go up against one another for supremacy. Twitter made an announcement earlier this afternoon, citing that they have done their bit in the war on terror by suspended 125,000 […]

Woman Campaigns For Bernie Sanders On Tinder

Tinder, for those unfamiliar, is an app used for dating. People view each other’s profiles and swipe left or right to indicate their interest, and only when two people have expressed interest in each other that they are allowed to chat with one another. However in the past we have seen some creative uses for Tinder for non-romantic purposes.

Scientists Use Batteries To Turn Seawater Into Fresh Water

Every now and then you read about technology that helps to bring or create fresh drinking water for places that might not have access to it. For example last year Bill Gates was part of a project which turned human waste into drinkable water, thus providing places without access to clean drinking water a way to get rid of waste, and create water for themselves at the same time.


Nintendo’s Quality Of Life Project Has Been Put On Hold Indefinitely

Early last, Nintendo’s then-president Satoru Iwata reiterated the company’s commitment to their health initiative, which last we heard some kind of quality of life project that had to do with sleep. However throughout the year, we have not heard or seen anything, and a report in August 2015 suggested that the project might have actually been abandoned.

Apple & Other Tech Companies Reportedly In Talks To Stream NFL Games

In the US, football is probably one of the more beloved sports of the nation, which is why every year there is so much fuss made about the Super Bowl. This is why it is understandable that companies are eager to gain the rights to show NFL games on their networks, and recently it seems that tech companies are interested in streaming the game as well.

College Student Rents Out Dorm On Airbnb, Gets In Trouble

Have a spare bedroom in your home that you’re not using? Or maybe you have a property that you just can’t seem to rent out on a long-term, or maybe you have a holiday home that doesn’t get used save for 1 month in the year. Thanks to Airbnb, you spare room or home will not go to waste, and you get to make some money in the process.

Bungie Has New Destiny DLC Planned This Year

What do you have planned for the year ahead, now that we are already in the second month? Well, Bungie certainly has big things in store for Destiny, where whispers of a Taken King-sized expansion have been going around. What is more concrete, however, is the fact that new matchmaking settings have already been introduced to Destiny. It looks like the rumors of a new expansion are gathering steam, as […]

VISA Launches Developer Platform

VISA has made a major move this morning by opening its platform via a set of APIs (Application Programing Interface). The company says that this is a global launch that aims at offering third party companies an easy way to interface their payment systems with VISA’s. San Francisco was chosen as a launch location because it is a major software development hub.

Mozilla Ending Firefox OS Smartphone Support After v2.6

Mozilla has announced today that development on Firefox OS is going to stop after version 2.6 of its operating system for smartphones is released, finally ending speculation about the future of Firefox OS on smartphones. This announcement comes two months after the company said that its Firefox OS platform will no longer be available on mobile phones in the future. Mozilla had launched Firefox OS on smartphones to enable manufacturers […]

Amazon’s Retail Stores Might Offer More Than Just Books

Given the impact that it has had on the retail business, you won’t really be wrong to think that Amazon is the perfect anti-retail store. It has served hundreds and millions of customers through its online store and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. There have been some rather interesting reports lately suggesting that the company might open up as many as 400 physical bookstores and if a […]

‘Friends’ Star Matt LeBlanc To Co-Host The New Top Gear

As many have heard by now, the BBC’s Top Gear was in a bit of a flux last year when one of its hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, got involved in an altercation with one of the show’s producers, leading to him and his other two co-hosts departing the show for good. Later, the BBC tapped Chris Evans to be the host, and now it looks like the show has gotten one […]

Samsung To Deliver 2016 Youth Olympic Games In Virtual Reality

Watching sports on TV isn’t anything new, but imagine being able to watch it in virtual reality to feel like you’re actually there – now that would be a new experience! The good news for sports enthusiasts is that Samsung wants to start delivering sporting content via virtual reality, and they will begin with the 2016 Youth Olympic Games.

Google’s Phone-Centric E-Books Experiment

Google did not get to where they are today without a sense of innovation, and one of their latest experiments involves e-books that have been specially designed for the smartphone. In other words, you will not be able to find a hardcopy of these e-books anywhere at all, so don’t even bother trying in the first place. Known as Editions At Play, this is an experiment that would want to […]