Shed Those Pounds While You Work With The Elliptical Machine Office Desk

So a lot us use the excuse that we work too much, that’s why we find it difficult to find the time to make a trip to the gym. We also use excuses like we’re tired, or we have to wake up early, etc. If you’ve used those excuses, chances are you probably know a couple more, but with the introduction of the Elliptical Machine Office Desk, it looks like your […]

Migrate Google Health data over to Microsoft HealthVault

You ought to know by now that the Google Health service will be terminated from January 1, 2012 onwards, with one more year left on the calendar for you to transfer data out to a different platform. Well, Microsoft has rushed to your aid this time around, offering solution to your woes by detailing a migration process so that your entire Google Health data can be transferred over in a […]

BuildMyBod App Helps You Visualize Your Perfect Figure

Plastic surgery is starting to become more and more common these days, along with increasing demand, which is probably one of the reasons why plastic surgeon, Dr. Jonathan Kaplan set about creating the BuildMyBod app.

iTrem lets your iPhone monitor Parkinson’s disease

It’s time to add one more item to the never ending list of things the iPhone can do. The folks over at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) have managed to develop an iPhone app that allows users to monitor Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions – by collecting data from arm and hand tremors. The app, called iTrem, makes use of the built-in accelerometer found in the iPhone to […]


Microsoft Sees A Future Where The Kinect Will Be Used In Health Care

Would you ever have thought that the Kinect could be used for medical or health care reasons? If you didn’t you can’t be blamed as it was after all, developed for the Xbox in mind, which in turn is a gaming device. Microsoft on the other hand doesn’t quite see the Kinect as solely for gaming, as they have expressed interest in seeing the Kinect being used in operating rooms […]

New Balance Headphones Come With Heart Rate Monitor

Gym goers and fitness enthusiasts should be familiar around the concept of monitoring their heart rate. For those who aren’t familiar, monitoring your heart rate during a workout ensures that you stay within your target heart rate zone, which is important because while you are in that zone, it would allow you to exercise safely while ensuring you get the maximum benefits from your workout.

BabyOnTime App Reminds You When To Feed, Change, Medicate Your Baby

Parents-to-be or new parents should probably take a look into this iPhone app called BabyOnTime, which allows you to track your baby’s growth in terms of height and weight but also sets reminders for when you should be performing various tasks for your child i.e. feeding, bathing, changing of diapers, sleeping, etc. What makes this so different from setting an alarm on your iPhone is that it’s a dedicated app […]

Tactile Wrist-Watch Helps Those Visually Impaired To Tell The Time

Jacob Rynkiewicz decided that perhaps it was time to start focusing on the basic needs of those who are visually impaired. Sure there are fancy gadgets and devices that allow those who are visually impaired to get along with their lives but perhaps one such need, one as basic as keeping time, has been neglected, which is why he has come up with the concept watch that would allow those […]

Scientists Create First Expandable Memory For The Brain

If you’ve watched the Matrix movie you probably remember parts of the movie where the characters “download” various learning tools into their brain, i.e. learning to fly a helicopter or ride a motorbike and learning martial arts in seconds. If you thought that was cool and you wish that perhaps one day you will be able to just stroll in a book store and select programs to “learn”, like learning […]

BioBolt relays information to paralyzed limb from brain down the road

Paralyzed folks cannot move their limbs simply because to put it in simple parlance, the “move” command cannot reach from their brain to the limb. This is more or less the fault of the damaged nervous system, or perhaps even to the brain, never mind that said limb is functional. Theoretically, that means said limb can move – as long as a signal is able to reach it. Scientists over […]

iCard ECG plays nice with any iPhone

There’s an app for that – it is a battle cry for proponents of the iPhone, and we aren’t surprised to know that there is also an iPhone app which is capable of reading your heart rate when it works in tandem with another compatible device. The iCard ECG that we’re looking at here is similar in size to most business cards, where it will mount to the back of […]

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor turns your iPhone into a medical instrument

There’s no doubt that the iPhone is one of the most versatile mobile devices around, along with the iPod Touch and iPad, the trio of iOS devices have found applications in pretty much every industry – from art to photography to education; you’re bound to find an iOS device being used in some way or another. One of the most important the iOS devices have been able to find success […]

Girl scouts earn patent for BOB-1 prosthetic device

Back in May we reported that a team of girl scouts, The Flying Monkeys, won the FLL Global Innovation award for their prosthetic device, the BOB-1, that lets children with no fingers write again. The girls won $20,000 from the event and used the money to file a patent for their invention. Now, a over month later, it looks like they’ve been granted the patent. Here’s what one of the […]

Implants to get protection from wireless attacks

With all the ailments and ills that are happening these days, thankfully we have come thus far in the field of medical achievement that implants are able to provide life where no such avenue existed just half a century ago. There is a flipside to this though – someone who knows that you have a heart implant inside might decide to just kill you off (for reasons only known to […]