RoboBee The Flying Robot Insect

The world of robotics has certainly advanced by leaps and bounds over the years, and it seems that the advancements made in this particular category is not going to stop anytime soon. Well, scientists over in the US have managed to come up with a robot that is extremely small – we are talking about one that is roughly the size of a fly, where it is capable of performing […]

3-Finger Robot Hand Picks Up 50-Pound Weight Like A Boss

Robot hands seem to get more and more agile these days, and the future might eventually see a robot butler around your home that is not only capable of delivering your favorite drink to you on a tray, but also to wrestle with those pesky cans and bottles by pulling the tab or twisting the cap open, respectively. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and iRobot have come together […]

Japan Government Look To Robots For Home Based Medical Care

The world of robotics has certainly come a long way from its humble beginnings, but this still cannot retract the fact that there is plenty left to do to move forward. When it comes to care givers for the ailing and sick, any kind of positive help is welcomed, so it is encouraging to hear that the Japanese government is currently looking into introducing a special kind of “nursing robot” […]

Robot Bird Fools Real Birds In Flight

While there has been advances made in the world of robotics, we are not quite on the cusp of a robotic apocalypse just yet. Still, this does not detract from the good work that was done by different research groups, including a Maryland professor’s robot bird that is said to be good enough to fool the real thing, as you can see for yourself in the video above. This robotic […]


Japan Plans To Build Robot Nurses To Help Caregivers Assist Elderly Patients

Taking care of an elderly person can be quite challenging for most people, especially if they’re a relative, as sticking them into nursing homes is something many people aren’t comfortable with. The Japanese government might have found a solution as to how to meet the needs of its elderly citizens, and that of course means they’ll be using robots.Japanese officials announced a plan to roll out “nursing robots” that will […]

Robots Could Be Tickled In The Future

Do you think that we take the small things in life for granted? Take for instance, you holding on to an egg without breaking it, or how about closing your eyes and feel the breeze caress your face? Of course, we might think nothing much of those, but pause for a moment and reflect on how robots are. I suppose if they were capable of emotions, then they would certainly […]

Baseball Robot Has 100,000 Neuron Fake Brain

The day where a physical team sport is played between humans and robots are still a long way off, and might even seem to be impossible when you think of it (chess does not count!), judging by how slow progress with robots are. Sure, some enterprising folk have thought up of making a robot that steals from vending machines, but to have a bunch of robots playing soccer against the […]

Robot That Steals From Vending Machines

Sometimes, the ingenuity of some folk that you come across online is definitely worth writing home about. Case in point, French YouTube user ioduremetallique has shown the world that with a little bit of tinkering around robots (as well as being equipped to the brim with a whole load of knowledge on robotics), one is able to play tricks on the machine world. Sure, we have seen some intelligent robots […]

Flipperbot Intends To Save Turtles By Crawling Like Them

There were a few turtle robots that we talked about in the past, but I suppose that none of them had the kind of realism displayed like the Flipperbot. What you see in the image above is actually the Flipperbot in action, where it mimics the way recently hatched baby sea turtles, in all their cuteness, would scuttle across the sand to reach the ‘promised land’, which is the vast […]

Campaign For Killer Robot International Ban

We have yet to arrive in the age of SkyNet, which is a good thing when you think about it, but chances are we might very well be on the way there already. We have seen how the military, whether in the sky, on the ground or under the water have begun to make use of robots for their operations in the battle to overcome the enemy. Jody Williams, from […]

Robot Stalks Sharks In The Seven Seas

Sharks have certainly received their fair share of negative attention in the past, especially with the success of the film “Jaws” that sent swimmers and beach tourists scampering for a while. Of course, most of us know by now that sharks rarely attack humans, and when they do, it is because we humans on surfboards were mistaken for something else. It is not as though they have a penchant for […]

Mantis All-Terrain Hexapod Looks Terrifying

There are DIY projects, and then there are DIY projects – the ones that separate the men from the boys. Case in point, check out this particular six-legged robotic walking machine that is known as the Mantis, created by a man who happens to hail from Winchester. Matt Denton is the founder and chief designer of Micromagic Systems, where the Mantis is a labor of love which required four years […]

Robot Hands Get Gentler With New Barometer Chips

When it comes to the hands and fingers of a robot, we might take for granted that it knows just the right amount of force to exert to hold a particular item, which is a no brainer of sorts for us humans, but how can a robot tell whether it should handle an egg gently, while carrying a brick requires it exert the adequate amount of pressure and force to […]

Robot Scouts Area For Danger Before Police Officers Do

It seems that the Yankton Police Department has a powerful new ally in their midst, and it does not need to be trained for years – although having the right kind of algorithms would certainly come in handy. Basically, the Yankton Police Department has purchased a new robot which can scout potentially dangerous scenes right before officers make the decision to barge in. Officer Michael Burgeson mentioned to KCAU-TV that […]