Robot Scouts Area For Danger Before Police Officers Do

It seems that the Yankton Police Department has a powerful new ally in their midst, and it does not need to be trained for years – although having the right kind of algorithms would certainly come in handy. Basically, the Yankton Police Department has purchased a new robot which can scout potentially dangerous scenes right before officers make the decision to barge in. Officer Michael Burgeson mentioned to KCAU-TV that […]

Robot Helps You Assemble IKEA Furniture

I know, I know, IKEA furniture is supposed to be so easy to assemble, and in the long run, it also helps you lower the total cost of ownership especially when you want to refurbish your home with an entire set of furniture. For those of us who feel that DIY is not our cup of tea, then paying IKEA a small fee to have their staff assemble your newly […]

Robot Programmed To Help In Building IKEA Furniture

IKEA tries to make it very simple for customers to assemble their own furniture. All of it comes with instructions, and if those are followed to the letter, then assembling furniture wouldn’t be complicated at all. However, this robot lends an extra hand and can be of immense help. Who thought putting together furniture could be so high-tech? Italian researchers programmed a robot so that it could help them in […]

Ray Charles Robot Caught Performing In Japan

Ray Charles has been long gone since June 2004, but his memory still lives on in his fans, especially in Osaka, Japan where a life-size animatronic of the legendary musician can be seen performing some of his most notable tracks. The animatronic Ray Charles can be found belting out tunes in front of Osaka Castle where its creator has made him look and act nearly identical to the real-life version. […]


Microwave VS SWAT Robot, Winner Was Never In Doubt

A woman from Tucson, Arizona, discovered that her microwave oven was definitely no match for a SWAT tactical robot. Just how did such a match up come about in the first place, anyway? Well, she was living in a midtown apartment complex when the police sent a SWAT tactical robot to her place after tenants in the area reported the sound of gunshots from her apartment. In the build up […]

Robot Steadies Itself Despite Applied Force

Robots – this is the realm of the new future, and we do look forward to see just what the world will be like eventually when more and more robots are activated and enter active service among us humans. Of course, it might eventually end up in a scenario that is not too far different from the one that we saw in I, Robot, but right now, the industry of […]

Robot That Loves Hugging You From Behind

You can more or less say that Japan is a country where robots rule – absolutely, whether it is in real life or in popular culture. After all, with the likes of Voltron and the Transformers, there is nothing quite like some robot goodness to perk the day up. Well, it seems that the world of robotics have taken yet another step forward in what could very well be the […]

York Robot Team Creates Frisbee Throwing Robot

York TechFire 225 teammates Gracie Putnam and Wren Hensgen have a common love for all things robotics, which is why they are working together on the TyranoSaucer Rex. Got to give them credit for the quirky yet lovable name, where the TyranoSaucer Rex is maneuvered via remote control, and should be worth taking a look at if you happen to have a dog who loves playing fetch, as this robot […]

Robot Plays Rock-Scissors-Paper With Humans

When you were a child, I am quite sure that you have played this game that requires no batteries at all, which would be the Rock-Scissors-Paper game. Basically, all you need to do is use your hand, squaring off with your opponent, where rock will beat scissors but lose to paper, while paper is shredded by scissors, but is the bane of rock. The thing is, it sounds like a […]

Samsung Robot Comes With Siri-like Features

Come on now, I am quite sure that when one talks about robots, Samsung would not be the first name that pops into the mind. After all, the only thing about robots that I can remember from the South Korean conglomerate would be their robotic vacuum cleaners that do seem to do a pretty good job, actually. Well, here we are with a patent application from none other than Samsung […]

Meet Pars, The Aerial Rescue Robot

RTS Lab, based in Iran, has developed Pars, which is an aerial rescue robot designed and made for “saving human lives”. The purpose behind building Pars is to rescue people who are drowning near coastlines. The robot can quickly move towards people who’re drowning off the coastline by user guidance and then activate its savior system which releases life tubes. It can also be used for maritime monitoring, aid in […]

BionicOpter Robot Dragonfly

Now here is a robot that is worth drooling over – after all, mechanical items that fly around, zipping here and there definitely help set the tone for a tech and gadget blog like ours. The BionicOpter is a robotic version of the dragonfly, where it is inspired by one of nature’s more interesting insects. Dragonflies are able to hover in mid-air naturally, maneuver in all directions, as well as […]

Cyro Jellyfish Robot

Just what is the biggest jellyfish that you have ever come across whenever you are at the seaside, or traveling on a boat over a body of seawater? Well, most of these tend to be small, and the general rule of thumb is this – the smaller they are, the more poisonous it is. Should you come across this five-and-a-half-foot robot jellyfish, surely you would be astonished, and trust the […]

Robot Headed For Competition Hijacked In FedEx Truck

Now this is a story that you do not hear every single day, where the robotics team from Mexico suffered a heartbreak, especially after their robot was stolen en route to the destination in a FedEx shipping truck. This particular incident nearly caused the team to cancel their trip to San Antonio, until a Good Samaritan group from Brandeis High School heard of their plight and decided to do something […]