Amazon May Soon Let You Call A Babysitter

Over the past few years Amazon has seriously diversified its business. Not only has it played a major part in changing the way we shop online, it is now also in the tablet market, recently launched a set-top box and might even be announcing its much rumored smartphone later this month. It looks like the company may also be working on a new marketplace through which users will be able to […]

Netflix To Stop Blaming Poor Streaming Speeds On ISPs For Now

These days there’s a lot of debate over net neutrality in the U.S. Should ISPs be allowed to create “fast lanes” for services that generate significant congestion on their networks? Should customers be charged for these fast lanes if they don’t want their experience to deteriorate? There are conflicting arguments for these questions. Despite Netflix inking a deal with Verizon to ensure users don’t get throttled its monthly reports show […]

Amazon Steps On PayPal’s Turf With Push Into Online Payments

There are already a lot of major, well established players in the online payments market, with PayPal being one of the most widely used services. Over the past few years Amazon has really diversified its business by pushing into tablet and set-top box manufacturing and it may even be launching a smartphone soon. The company is adding mobile payments under its belt as well. It is launching a service today which […]

11-year Old Wins Doodle 4 Google Competition

Whenever you launch a new tab in Chrome or head on over to Google’s main page, you are greeted with Google’s logo. However there are times when the Google logo has been replaced with something else, either to commemorate an event or about pop culture, just to name some examples. Now Google has been conducting annual Doodle 4 Google competitions for the past few years now and come 9th of […]


Google’s Browser Market Share Passes Microsoft In The US

We’re sure by now everyone probably knows how much of a joke the internet has turned Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser into, although to be fair they have made huge improvements over the years, but unfortunately it might be too little too late. According to recent findings from Adobe, it seems that Internet Explorer’s market share in the US has been on a downwards spiral, which has finally allowed Google Chrome […]

Secret Service Wants Sarcasm Detectors For Twitter

If there is a reason why people get in trouble for comments online or get into arguments is that without the tone of voice, it becomes hard to tell if someone is joking or being sarcastic, unless of course you know that person really well and if they were being very obvious about it. However it seems that in order to better detect threats to the government, the US Secret […]

Safari Netflix HTML5 Streaming Available Now On OS X Yosemite

Apple unveiled OS X 10.10 Yosemite yesterday at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2014. It comes with a radically different user interface as well as countless new features. One of the improvements that Apple made to Safari is the implementation of premium video extensions which allow playback of premium video content without needing extensions. What this means is that once Yosemite is released users won’t need a SliverLight plugin for HTML […]

Woman Gets $50 Citation Because Of A Facebook Comment

They say that we really shouldn’t have an expectation of privacy online, and following last year’s leaks, that seems true more than ever. A Bolingbrook woman might have learned that lesson when she received a $50 citation for no apparent reason. What she didn’t know at first was that a Will County Forest Preserve protection officer interpreted a comment she left on Facebook to mean that she used a dog park […]

Netflix Streaming Device Out Of The Question

One of the most popular on-demand video streaming services out there is Netflix. Boasting millions of subscribers, the company has also actively invested in creating original content. Even though its not one to shy away from dumping millions into original content, the company doesn’t seem to have any plans of jumping into hardware in the near future. CEO Reed Hastings has confirmed that for now there are no plans to develop a standalone […]

Bing Will Not Be Sold To Yahoo, According To Microsoft’s CEO

When it comes to performing searches on the internet, we have a few options available to us: Google, Yahoo, and Bing, although to be fair, Bing helps to power Yahoo’s searches so in reality as far as major search engines go, there aren’t that many to choose from. That being said, Bing hasn’t exactly been the most popular either, which has led to some wondering if Microsoft would be better […]

Microsoft Research Debuts Eventful, A Report Crowdsourcing Platform

The concept of freelance journalism has been around for quite a while now, but what if you wanted to hire a writer but you weren’t sure if they were reliable or affordable? This can be the dilemma that event organizers can face, especially if they’re a small event that does not have the budget or the clout to invite big time journalists to cover their events. Well Microsoft is hoping […]

Amazon Confirms Dispute With Hachette Publisher

About a week ago we reported that Amazon’s dispute with publisher Hachette had led to Hachette-published books either being delayed or being taken down. This is due to Amazon and Hachette unable to work out a deal with one another regarding pricing of ebooks. That being said, Amazon has since confirmed the feud with Hachette in a note published on their website. According to the note, Amazon defends their actions […]

Google Disables Chrome Extension Installations Outside Web Store

Google Chrome extensions are a great way for users to add extra functionality, features, and shortcuts to their browser, but unfortunately not all extensions are good. In fact some of them contain malware which is anything but good for the user, which is why Google has announced on its Chrome Blog that they will no longer allow extensions to be installed outside of the Chrome Web Store. By doing so, […]

Avast Community Forums Hacked, 200,000 Accounts Stolen

We’re sure some of you guys have heard about the company Avast before. They make PC security and anti-virus tools for your computers, which is why we have to say that it’s a little ironic to see that the company’s community forums have been hacked over the weekend, with around 200,000 accounts being stolen in the process. According to Avast’s CEO, Vince Steckler, on a blog post on Avast’s website, […]